Words You Never Want To Hear

In my dream I was talking with a young man who was with a famous ministry. I don’t know how it happened that I got connected to him as I initially had a different connection on the phone, and then it changed to another one, and finally I was hooked up to him. I told him that the leader of that ministry whose name means “powerful ruler” had written three books that had powerfully impacted my life and I mentioned some other positive things about him that I can’t remember. I was surprised that the young man replied: “I don’t know him!” Then I heard the word “CASTAWAY,” bellowed in a very strong voice and I could see it in written form in the sky.

So what does this mean, eh? The word “know” in the dream was what especially stood out to me, and I thought about the 5 of the 10 virgins to whom Jesus said: “I do not know you!” (Matthew 25: 12) I also thought of God’s people who had His gifts, but did not do His will, and to them He said: “I NEVER knew you! DEPART from me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Matthew 7: 23) Whew! And then it’s recorded Paul said that if he did not keep his body under subjection, even he would be a castaway. (I Cor. 9: 57) Think of it!!

When Adam and Eve came together sexually, it was written that “Adam KNEW Eve.” (Genesis 4: 1) All of God’s children are called to know them that have the rule over us, know others, and to know ourselves. Do we? Here in the dream we see a man who was part of a ministry, but didn’t know its leader. This young man and many others (religious leaders included) will be castaways unless they repent. Notice that these that Jesus railed at were not unbelievers or loose women…. They were gifted ones in the church who had the Holy Ghost operating in their lives, and because they weren’t intimate with Jesus allowing His word to penetrate into their deepest parts, they didn’t know themselves, either. The young man (not a child or a father in the Lord) represents those who have the Pentecostal experience, but don’t go on into perfection spiritually fulfilling the Feast of Tabernacles.

How many people in your life do you truly know? How many know the “real” you? Yes, Christ in you is the real you, but if we aren’t open about our weaknesses, if we can’t apologize when we’re wrong, and if we can’t open up about our struggles, people do NOT know us. Transparency (total openness) in a relationship is the spiritual meaning of sexual intercourse. Jesus is the TRUTH! 

In the dream, the word “castaway” was seen written in the sky/air (the Spirit) revealing that we are to spiritually see (understand) what will happen to us if we don’t know the Lord intimately. Knowing the Lord does not mean just reading the words in the Bible and listening to spiritual messages…. We are to know the “living epistles” (the members of the body of Christ) and read them well. We’re not to just attend services, but BE “service” people giving bread and wine to those who belong to Him. We are to speak “living” words, not “dead letter” ones,… even HIS words that have been eaten, digested and become a part of us.

How many people are we connected with who are like that young man who don’t know the Lord, and who don’t know us? We think they do, because they have powerful gifts… they have signs… they can produce wonders, even raise the dead, but THEY DON’T KNOW THE LORD!!

This dream is saying to all of us: It’s time to KNOW,… not be a “NO KNOW!”

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