Be “Coming” Unveiled

In a half sleep, half awake state, words came that made my mind wonder and my heart dance to a new beat. My Beloved said: “You are being brought forth as the ONLY ONE!” Immediately The Song of Solomon 6: 9 came to mind: “My dove, my undefiled is but one; she is the “only one” of her mother; she is the choice one of her that bare her.”

Oh bride of Christ, we are many, yet one, eh? This word I was given is for every one of us who have committed our lives to Him in faithfulness and in love. I think of how many people have suffered broken hearts because a loved one was unfaithful. Truly, a lifetime marriage with both mates having eyes and hearts only for each other is as rare as the “Golden Jubilee Diamond,” the largest multi-faceted diamond in the world.

Think of it: You and each one of us who is a “living” stone of the city of the New Jerusalem are likened to that amazing diamond, and we are right now being revealed first, to ourselves. Yay, we are the “only one” that shall come forth out of our mother in a splendor that none other shall have.

A couple of days ago my friend Kitty shared a word given to her by our Lord which astounded me. While she had been pondering Jesus’s words: “This is the will of Him Who sent me, that I would not lose even ONE of all those He has given me.” (John 6: 39), the Lord spoke to her that there is another covenant,….even a new and more precious covenant. I never thought of it before, but of course there’d have to be another covenant, just as there was another covenant given when the age of law changed to the age of truth and grace. As we go on into perfection, we’ll be crossing over from the church age into the kingdom age having the new covenant which is being revealed now. The blood of animals sealed the old covenant and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ sealed the new covenant, so Kitty asked: “WHERE is the blood? There is always blood when a covenant is cut.” The Lord immediately replied to her: “The blood of my bride on her marriage bed!” “Holy! Holy! Holy!”

I have written before about how everything that exists is a type and shadow of spiritual realities, and that I had the greatest persecution I’ve ever known when I wrote about what the sexual parts of our bodies represent. Those who rejected me and the revelations I was given seemingly did not consider the deep mystery concerning Christ and the church that is revealed through the husband and the wife joined together as one flesh. (Ephesians 5: 31: 32) Ah, but my friend Kitty did, and she stood by me when I was cast out and called evil, and now this faithful one has been given what I consider to be one of the greatest revelations I have ever heard: Just as the veil of the temple was rent when Jesus shed His blood on the cross, the veil of flesh (the hymen) shall be broken through, resulting in the bride’s blood being shed. Oh brethren, THIS is when the breakthroughs we have prayed for shall come, because when the bride becomes the Lord’s WIFE, she will have the mind of Christ fully operating in her, and EVERYTHING that she asks for shall come to pass.

The Apostle John saw this “only one” when one of the seven angels came to him saying: “Come hither, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s WIFE…. that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.” (Rev 21: 9, 10) Tell me: Are you waiting to see some literal city coming down out of heaven, or do you know that YOU and all who make up the bride ARE the New Jerusalem? Can you see the “living stones” of the city joined as “ONE”?

I have previously shared that many years ago the Lord told me: “The Diamond Church” is not yet present, but she will be on the next page.” Do you know that each one of us is an epistle and that the final page of our book shall shortly be read? Indeed the MARRIAGE covenant shall be written on that page, and you, who have been washed in the Lamb’s blood, will be sealing that most precious covenant with your own blood. Oh the mystery of it!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! “The Diamond Church” is soon to appear, and when she’s manifested in all her glory, don’t you know?-….the world will see HIM! What a wonder! 

What a “coming” that will be!

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