Getting In Step With God

I love to sing in tongues and when I do, English words often come in them like bright stars that shine God’s thoughts and ways through their rays. A few days ago “Shepherd-Bride” came, and then I heard: “a dancing one.” I pictured a bride that was dancing with a matador’s cape in her hand lifting it up high, and she was singing: “I’m going to set people free by drawing the anger out of them.”

How wonderful it is when the soul is in perfect union with the spirit, and that’s what a bride symbolizes. Yay, she’s in step with the One she loves with her right arm full of power being able to lead others into truth. A matador uses a red cape in the process of killing a bull, eh?…. hopefully, not the bull wounding or killing him. So what is this vision revealing to us?

Anger, no doubt, is one of the most powerful emotions there is, and it requires understanding (the color red) for us to deal with our anger and the anger of others (bulls who come against us.) We must be like a stately, fearless bullfighter who is in control of the situation, because the eyes of the world are upon us to see if we will use anger righteously just as our Lord did. Who among us will rise up and pronounce judgment when someone like Bar-Jesus tries to hinder the work of God? Who will speak to hypocrites with words that will expose them for what they are?…. words like white washed tombs, serpents, blind guides, vipers, and blind fools. Who will pronounce woes on them? Who will recognize liars like Anias and Saphiras and speak judgment upon them? Do you realize that righteous anger is the other side of love?

The cape in a bullfight is used to stir the beast into action, eh? I believe that many, many Christians have suppressed their anger with some of us, even totally aware that we have any. When I looked up the etymology of “cape,” I was surprised to read that it was from “headland, head”…. that the “Cape of Good Hope” at the southern tip of Africa has been called the “CAPE” since the 1660’s. The land is symbolic of our bodies, and our hope is the redemption of them, so I believe that what’s in the hand of the shepherd bride in my vision is the power of “Good Hope” to facilitate that redemption.

In order for it to take place, there are three realms that are to be experienced, and three works that must be accomplished in us: #1. The salvation of our spirit. #2. The salvation of our soul, and then #3. The salvation of our body. We have Abraham’s life revealing a type and shadow of our fulfilling the Feast of Passover. Next there is Issac’s, a type and shadow of Pentecost, and finally Jacob’s life which shows us what it’s going to take to enter the Feast of Tabernacles. What has always amazed me is that when Jacob was reconciled to Esau, it was Jacob who saw the face of God in Esau, not the other way around. The Book of Jasher gives added details about their meeting which reveals that Esau’s anger was so great that he was going to kill his brother. Only the intervention of angels prevented that from happening. So we see in this that “anger” is to be brought out, recognized and then dealt with by the help of angels, even messages with words from above to work it out of us. After that, reconciliation can come.

It’s right to be angry at injustice, but how we handle it is the issue. How many have noticed that the wrath of God is mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the “wrath of the LAMB,” not the wrath of the “LION”? The word wrath is used in the scripture in Revelation 14: 8 regarding the Harlot Babylon who “made all men drunk by the WRATH of her FORNICATION.” We are to understand that this word “wrath” means “PASSION.” Prostitutes don’t have wrath when they fornicate, do they?…. and whoever heard of a lamb that has wrath? I see this as meaning that it’s God’s sacrificial love that is going to be demonstrated as tough love.

In my vision, the bride was shown as a shepherd, which we know is one who leads and protects God’s people, How glorious that the bride portrayed in the vision was dancing in step with our Lord. I found it interesting when I looked up the etymology of dance that its figurative sense means “the whole business,” and that the slang version of dance is “the jig is up!” Oh yes, the time of reckoning is here, and my desire is that we fulfill our destiny which is to manifest all that Christ is.

So come on and do the jig in triple rhythm, and use your red capes in the power and the anointing of God, like Elisha used Elijah’s mantle. I can hear all the people of the world saying: “Where IS the power of God?!”

They’re gonna’ know it’s IN US!!

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