Sealed Kisses

When I was a little girl, I loved to play “Hide and Seek” with me finding, not hiding. It’s the same today. What could be better than discovering the hidden truth in the words God speaks to us and in the multifaceted revelations in the Bible? Imagine my response when the first thing I heard in the morning was: “Sealed kisses.” “Yes! Yes! Yes! I want them,” my heart responded,…. and then I remembered that Judas’ kiss was a sealed one. The Lord knew it was in His destiny when He chose Judas to be His disciple. That kiss of betrayal was a sealed one that opened up at the right time, and yes, it was a desired one because without it, none of us could be delivered from our carnality and death. So hallelujah for the kisses coming our way, whatever kind they may be because there’s a good end coming with them.

The etymology of a kiss is: “an embrace,” and isn’t that what we give when we greet each other with a “holy kiss”? I don’t know about you, but there have been a lot of people in my life that I wanted to smack, not kiss. But hallelujah, the spirit of the law of life has been mightily at work causing me to realize I did not know what manner of spirit I was, and now, along with you who have gone through the same refining fires, we are having our minds and hearts sealed with love…. Yay, and out of that love comes kisses,…. even sealed kisses, like documents sealed by a king’s insignia. It’s a “DONE DEAL” that when God’s people come into perfection, they will love every man, woman, child and all of creation with God’s love…. They will BE love because God is love and will manifest Himself through them continually. Just think of it: We shall be a worldwide “Hershey” kisses factory, manufacturing God’s sweetness and wrapping it up in silver (redemption’s power.) The name “Hershey” means “a deer” which has an etymology from a root word that means “a creature that breathes….CLOUD, breath.” The presence of God manifests through a cloud, eh?….even through the breath of His Spirit, and like a deer, will do no harm.

I have written about the difference between the generated sons of the church age and the “aspirated” (breathing ones) coming forth with the sevenfold spirit of God in the kingdom age in a post called: “The ‘H’ In Us.” https://ridetheheavens.com/2021/08/12/the-h-in-us/ Oh yes, the sealed kisses of the apirated ones have power, the “H” in them to change the ones that they embrace. 

When God is ready to do a new work in me, he usually gives a witness of it through the clothing I purchase or that is given to me. The Bible tells us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and our clothing represents the specific qualities that are His which we will bear. Purple was once my favorite color, but I haven’t worn purple more than a just a few times in the past twenty years, liking the color red best. But the Bible says to get wisdom along with understanding, and the fear of the Lord, which the color purple symbolizes, is the beginning of wisdom… Purple is made from mixing red (understanding) and blue (might,) so can you hear it? When we spiritually wear purple, we walk in understanding, might and the fear of the Lord, the sign that we are kings and priests of God’s kingdom,

My Christmas present from my daughter this holiday season was a beautiful, lush, very soft robe in a rich color of purple, and oh God’s goodness! The label said it all: “Just Love.” Truly, THAT’S what’s going to bring us into rest and what’s going to set creation free.

So pucker up, body of Christ: In deed, it’s Kissin’ Time‼️

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