A Door Is Opening

While singing in tongues, my ears perked and my heart rejoiced as I heard “The hour of the opening of Enoch’s door.” For some time the Holy Spirit has brought “Enoch” in my prayer language and with it came an expectancy of our coming into a new dimension. Others I fellowship with have expressed feeling a shift in the Spirit,… a definite change that doesn’t have words to describe. It’s like our spirit has taken off in a rocketship; We haven’t arrived at the destination yet, but know we are almost there.

So what is the Lord telling us regarding Enoch?: We know from scripture that he had the testimony that he pleased God and that he did not taste death. (Hebrews 11: 5) I have written before in my posts that I believe Enoch overcame the carnal mind which is death…. He no longer ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…. He had his senses exercised to DISCERN good and evil, hence knew not to eat it.

There is no doubt that he had much to overcome in order to come into the state of being that he pleased God. Now, we are being called to enter into “perfection,” which I believe is the destination of the rocketship that our spirit is in, ascending and ascending.

I had the following dream a few nights ago which connects with this message as well: My first husband (deceased now) whose name was Rex (king) was talking on the phone with me telling me that he had a desire for me. When he said this, a little bit of a desire for him came, as well… not much, but it was there. 

In the last scene I was in my bedroom which was very pleasant looking…It was airy, decorated in light pink and white colors, and I was sitting up in my bed. I noticed some items that needed to be put away, but only a few.

A man who was a tenant came bursting through the door with money in his hand (2 large size bills) and held it out for me to take. “No!” I told him in a strong voice: “It belongs to the church!”

What a dream!! The church age is coming to an end and the kingdom age’s door is opening. My late ex-husband in the dream represents the “old” still having a small attraction in my life. The other day I had listened to a message about fasting four days resulting in power, miracles, healings, wonders, etc. and so off I went (without a word from the Lord) to do the same. Can you hear Jesus saying: “ Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected”? Do you understand that the same shall be said of us?

The sons of God for a long time have been in incubation in “Mother Church,” but the church and the mother are not the same in their roles, just as the Father and Son are not the same in theirs. Only the church is seen while she is pregnant with the sons, like only a mother is seen when she is pregnant with a child. Ah, but when it’s birthing time, THEN the sons appear… THEN the child comes forth from the mother, and the umbilical cord is cut… They are two separate identities: The woman in Revelation 12: 1 clothed with sun is NOT the manchild. It’s the sons that the whole world is moaning and groaning waiting for, and we, too. 

Listen: I find myself, like Paul, still crying out: “Who shall deliver me from this body of death? Who shall deliver me from the state of being that he described?” Yes, Jesus shall!! but it’s Jesus as the “Word FULLY developed” in me and in you. It’s our growing up into the FULL measure of the stature of Christ that shall bring about our deliverance…. Yay, no longer I, but Christ… even Christ manifested!

Pentecost is a picture of the reign of King Saul and of all the kings that followed him. Hear it: God never wanted to give them a “KING,” which my late first husband represented in the dream. God wanted to be their “HEAD,” NOT a king! Oh brethren, we have had to be deeply processed for us to come to the place in which He is our head. My dream showed there was still a tiny bit left to be dealt with before ONLY the mind of Christ would be fully operative in me, but hallelujah, I was in a bed of rest. I know I can not bring about the last changes that need to be done through self effort. What I do realize is who I am in Christ and I have been given eyes to see what belongs to the church and what belongs to the sons. 

The transition is here now! We are recognizing we are having to let go of the old (the old husband of the pentecostal realm…. all the elementary principles) and go on into perfection…. The door is opening…. even Enoch’s door….Will we go through it?? I believe we shall as I just found myself singing in tongues with these English words belted out in them: “A daystar comin’ now!” and again: “A daystar comin’ now!” 


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