The Fruit Of Our Doing

We called to hit the nail on the head, eh? Has the hammer ever hit your finger, instead? I write today with a bruised finger, but thankfully because our Lord is so loving and kind, I don’t have a bruised behind. Sigh! We are entrusted with keeping and treasuring the gems of truth he gives to us, and when we give them to His beloved, there aren’t supposed to be little scratches on them. But thankfully, if the scratches are just light ones, they can be polished away…. Polished words: Who has them?…. Hopefully, ME, the one who put scratches on the jewels I gave you.

So dear brethren, in having me in your life, you have a great opportunity to develop the fruits of patience and forbearance, but hallelujah! When the scratches are polished, you won’t be scratching your heads anymore, and maybe you’ll even call me a gem as you look at the jewels of wisdom in your hands. So what’s this all about, huh?

Yesterday I wrote a post about a vision that I believe was/is from God, but I missed the mark concerning what it pertained to. Yes, there was truth in it, but it just wasn’t the correct interpretation. So here’s the rub on the scratches now that can polish the gems up: The truth is that the apple that the mouth was eating was not the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as I had presumed: It represents the fruit of one’s labor,-…. the work you and I are called to do.

First, we taste and see that the Lord is good when we eat His Word. That the vision specifically depicted the inner part of the fruit (the  meat… the deeper meaning of it) being eaten, NOT the skin (the outer part-…. the letter of the Word) showed that the separating of them and taking the true substance in was/is part of our work,….even a work that brings joy when the deeper revelation is made known. The etymology’s root meaning of “fruit” is “to enjoy,” so tell me: What could be more enjoyable than feeling God’s presence and getting understanding and revelation at the same time? And to think it’s the work that we are designed for: “Wow! Wow! Wow!” 

I think of the Lord Jesus saying: “My words are LIFE.” This is our “Life’s calling”,-…. even eating God’s Word to get its true substance into us so that we can give it out. Where is God, but in our MOUTHS?!? How sweet it is, eh? We are going to be extracting pearls of wisdom that have been clammed up in the Word like never, NEVER BEFORE. Think of it: We become what we eat, and being the “apple of His eye” has more to it than meets the eye: The eye has to do with vision and understanding connected to revelation, and revelation is LIGHT!

Who could have known that this little vision of eating the inner substance of an apple, was the story of the LIGHT being formed in us?!?,…. even His-story being revealed in us who are the light of the world. And who could have known the joy of being a scratch remover? Ah, ALL of us are scratch removers given the power to come into perfection.

Glory! Glory! Glory! How do you like them apples?! I sure do!

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