Can God’s “Beloved” Be A Lesbian?

Lesbianism: Do you know what it spiritually represents? This may shock you, but you and I have engaged in its activity. Yes, we have! Everyone has when instead of letting God be our head, the soul takes the Lord’s place, so don’t you dare point your finger at lesbians. I believe that spiritual lesbian acts are more damaging than literal lesbian ones, because it is the soul united to the carnal mind’s head that’s the source of ALL sin. Our female soul in union with soulish wisdom and knowledge, instead of being in union with our “spirit MAN” will cause us to lose our salvation unless we change heads. It’s true that our spirit is saved when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior, but our soul isn’t. We are admonished to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and it’s going to take the Spirit in leadership as our head to do it, NOT the soul. Jesus must be our Lord, which let’s face it: He is not in many Christian’s lives who say He’s their Lord, but don’t do as He says.

We, who know God, are grieved when we see men acting like women and dressed like them denying what God created them to be. The same sorrowful feeling is there when women dress and behave like men, but I believe it is an even greater travesty to see a believer doing the same thing in the spiritual sense. I cry out: “Oh God, open everyone’s eyes!” I condemn no one, but do not hesitate to proclaim what God says to all of us: “Repent!” He will give His power to change. None of us have to remain the same in darkness.

I personally have known three beautiful women who are no longer lesbians, that were wonderfully delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ’s power. One of them was my daughter’s best friend when they were in elementary school, a sweet and gentle child who had been taught about Jesus. After my family and I moved to another state, I kept in contact with her mother who let me know that after Shannon graduated from high school, she openly professed being a lesbian. After hearing this, I prayed for her and the Holy Ghost gave a prophecy that she was going to be delivered and become a strong leader in the body of Christ. I shared this word with her mother, and she requested that I relay it to Shannon, which I did, The same love was there between us that we had together when she was a child, and Shannon listened respectfully, but didn’t say a word. Years later she let me know that her unspoken thought at the time I told her was: “No way!” but God’s word does not return back void. Just as the Lord said, she became a powerful leader eventually becoming president of Women’s Aglow in Ft. Lauderdale, and a few years after that, I attended her wedding. Shannon made a stunning, gorgeous bride, has two grown children now, and to the glory of God her way is longer “No way!” but “THE way!” Hallelujah!

Then some years later, I met two lesbians and God opened up an opportunity for me to tell them about the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Both of them received the power, and “Wow!” You need to know that these women were CHRISTIANS prior to receiving the Holy Ghost. Elizabeth had received Jesus as her savior as a little girl, and I don’t remember what Betty’s story was, but my spirit witnessed that she had received Him, as well. I know this goes against what many believe, but yes, there are lesbians and homosexuals who have had the Christ seed planted in them.

Another confirmation came of this truth when I was given a dream in which I was celebrating my ex-brother-in-law’s birthday with him. A relative called me a little while after I had the dream and excitedly exclaimed: “Hey Mick (my nickname long ago): Did you hear Terry got saved?” His words let me know of a certainty that I was celebrating his SPIRITUAL birthday. Terry, however, is still living a homosexual lifestyle today, and as I write this, I realize one reason is because he has not received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. There’s no way a homosexual or lesbian can get delivered without the power of the Holy Ghost, nor can we be delivered of whatever strongholds are in our lives without it, and sometimes, it takes years to be fully set free.

There are also many heterosexual believers who have received Jesus as their Savior that are living in fornication and even in adultery. They’ve had an initial experience that was a true one, and I’m sure you know some who are like this. It’s heartbreaking because they will never have peace, joy and righteousness unless they repent. I am writing this so that you, who are followers of Christ, will not walk in the assumption that it is not possible for someone to be a Christian and be a lesbian or a homosexual. My two friends are proof that Christ was in them, like a baby is in a womb, and both, thank God, came out. They left their lesbian lifestyle making Jesus THEIR “Lord” when they got the POWER over the flesh through receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Betty later married a Christian man who she deeply loved (I saw them when they met and no one could deny that they were in love having eyes only for each other,) and Elizabeth became a teacher in the body of Christ. Please pray about what I have written because what we believe makes a difference. I remember when I was a young Christian I could not receive the truth from a believer who was pregnant out of wedlock because I thought she could not possibly be a Christian. I tell you that there are many who have Christ that we would judge amiss if we weren’t open to the Holy Ghost giving us a witness that He’s in them.

Last night the anointing of God came for me to ask for the nations as my inheritance (Psalm 2: 8) and yes, I have done this realizing that multitudes of women are going to come out of lesbianism and into the kingdom of God in this hour. They must know they are no different than some of us who were fornicators (like I was,) drunkards, druggies, and others who have had all manner of sins. We all have needed and do need Jesus….and hallelujah! We can have Him. 

So if you’re a lesbian and are reading this post, know that you are loved. Know that the Lord Jesus Christ is saying: “Come as you are! You can’t change yourself, but I can change you. You are meant to be the most precious, glorious woman of all,…. even MY Bride!!” Yay, all of us who were once bound in our sins are, so now, get ready all you are His for the most glorious moment in all of your life:

“The bridegroom is coming!”

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  1. I really like this post Michele….it makes perfect sense….the person who loves their own flesh and puts that on the throne whither it be a man or a woman is in the SPIRIT what you see in the open. Very very insightful! GOD BLESS

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    • What a joy you are Pamela, that you so readily received and understood this revelation. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you did, as my female reasoning mind was going to withhold it. I actually trashed the first draft, and was shown that that I was not allowing our Lord’s leading to prevail,… an example of a lesbian act, eh?, but thank God, He changed my mind, and you dear Pamela, have comforted and blessed my heart with your words.
      I so look forward to talking with you after my family leaves this weekend.
      Much love,

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      • I can’t wait to speak to you Michele…..we are enjoying some time in the mountains and returning home tomorrow…..GOD BLESS and your post was just fantastic! Blessings to you and your family from the LORD


  2. This is a very profound and great teaching that I never knew about! Hoping that you and loved ones have a blessed 2023 Michelle! Good bless 🥰

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    • Bless you for making this comment dear Deano. My heart rejoices that you were able to receive this writing. I added some extra thoughts to the comment another precious brother made today, as I wish I had included them in my post. I hope you’ll read it and that it will bless you.
      May your coming year be glorious bringing much, much joy to our Father. Yay, with Him saying: “This my son in whom I am well pleased.”
      Love and blessings,


  3. I have to say that initially I was shocked by the comparison you made, but if Jesus made the correlation of adultery in the heart being equal without the actual act, then it stands to reason.
    I believe that we are made in three parts; body, soul and spirit: by each of which we are required to love the Lord our God, otherwise it is incomplete (Mark 12:30).
    The salvation of each part stands to reason that each has its own effect.
    The body will be last until the resurrection, until then we must deal with its problems.
    The spirit is you; it is me; it is each of us looking out from behind our eyes, maneuvering our limbs, and mouth, and accessing our senses. This part is saved almost instantly, at least when we make the conscious decision to accept the Lord as savior. When the Holy Spirit comes in, he baptizes us into the body of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is our seal of salvation. It is in our spirit that he teaches us the confidence of our salvation (1 John 2:27); that said you will either know that you know, or you will doubt.
    The soul, I believe, is the breath of life that God breathed into Adam. I believe it is a piece of God, left in us to be, to think, to create, and to dream. It is the fire of life, probably the spark of electricity in our nervous system, the power of speech, our ability to reason, and to argue.
    Paul said in Romans 12:2, “…And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God…”
    Yes, the soul does need a lot of work yet, that said, I believe that the soul is tied to the spirit, and both are captured together, and in the resurrection, they will be reunited to the body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Hebrews 6:18-19 tells us about the anchor of our soul.
    Let me reiterate: “…It is in our spirit that he teaches us the confidence of our salvation (1 John 2:27); that said you will either know that you know, or you will doubt…”

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    • Thank you dear Pedro for taking the time to make a comment on this sensitive subject. It means a lot to me that you’ve given it deep thought. I wish I had brought out that our English language does not make a distinction of whether or not a noun is male or female as do other languages. The soul is female and the spirit is male, so when the soul does not allow the male spirit (Christ) to lead, she is serving herself, even worshiping her knowledge above the Lord’s. It is a female in union with what is female, and sadly I’ve done this often in my own life, as all Christians have. When we come into perfection, THEN we will be totally in union with our Lord-…. with the female and the male as one. Until we are perfected, we do commit lesbian acts (spiritually, NOT literally) leaning on our own understanding, acting accordingly. I probably should have said that this is being spiritually bi-sexual…. Sometimes we are united with the male letting our spirit (man) lead, and sometimes we let the soul lead. I wrote this post a few days ago and trashed it because I realized it could easily be misinterpreted, but God gave me a dream the night before, making it known to me that it’s of the highest importance that we understand this, and also, what the male being with the male (homosexuality) means spiritually. That the devil has so strongly brought focus on homosexuality and transgenderism in this day lets us know that this is a matter that must be understood by us NOW. There is always a “righteous real” in whatever the devil perverts, and God willing I will write about what homosexuality means spiritually in contrast to lesbianism, soon, God willing. The whole world is moaning and groaning waiting for fully developed SONS to take their place of rulership. The crowned woman must give birth to the MANchild, eh? They are NOT the same, although both are in us as us, just like the Father and Son are not the same, but ONE. Isaiah 62: 5 says: “ For as a young man marries a virgin, so shall your sons marry you.” This must be understood SPIRITUALLY, otherwise it would be incest, God forbid! How we all need to seek and ask God for understanding and revelation, as these things can not be comprehended by the natural mind.
      Again, thank you and bless you for relaying your thoughts and stirring more thoughts in me. I appreciate you so much.

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      • God Bless you for your boldness, and I pray for your clarity in this. A spiritually sexual message is on the edge of acceptance, whoever hears it will hopefully identify it as a spiritual word, and not confine it to a literal sense.
        Praise God for your report of those who have been freed, both in the spiritual, and literal sense.

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  4. Hey Michelle I always enjoy reading your post but I’m a little confused by this one….if we put ourselves before God that’s not lesbianism it’s idolatry whether it’s physical or the soul. Lesbianism is connected to sexual immorality not putting ourselves before him and the Bible doesn’t teach this. So I’m confused by what your referring to.

    Stay blessed!


    • Yes it is idolatry, but it is also spiritual lesbianism when we do not allow the Lord to rule in our actions. In other languages, nouns are shown to be male or female, and we are who have English as ours are not familiar with the soul as being female and the spirit being male. If the soul (female) joins with her own soul’s wisdom (female,)…. if she rejects the leadership of the Lord (male), it is spiritual lesbianism. The female soul must be in union with the male spirit. Anything else is perversion. I hope that explains it a little clearer.
      I am thankful for your expressing your view, dear Robin. Would to God all in the body did the same when beliefs are not the same. Perhaps whoever is seeing amiss will not immediately see the truth, but expressing what we believe gives the Holy Spirit something to work with. We can be assured that the truth will be known in the end and rest in it, eh? None of us is always right.
      I appreciate you and send much love and blessings.


      • Oh I agree with you, there’s always room to grow because like you said none of us is always right. I appreciate the explanation. Stay blessed.

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