Time To Laugh

I don’t know how many times over my lifetime that the Lord has told me that “laughter is a girl’s best friend.” I’m remembering a wonderful friend I had who’s with the Lord now, but she was practically an enemy when I first met her. We didn’t like each other one bit, but God changed all of that because it was in both of our hearts to please Him, not ourselves. Brenda was the only friend I’ve had that I got spiritually drunk with every time we were together. We staggered like drunken men under the power of the Holy Ghost, with so much laughter that it was like the heavens opened up with cherubim coming out of them to tickle us.

There were Christians back then who condemned this experience saying that it was not of God, but science has confirmed that laughter is healthy for us as it moves the endorphins in our bodies. I and others did not need its confirmation back then, as we had and do have the anointing now to affirm what is of God. What we had experienced was good and brought us pure joy, so that was all we needed to know. Sure we looked funny, but so did the disciples and others who received the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost.

Many years ago, several Christian gatherings had the gift of laughter poured out which was like giggling children in our midst, and oh how I miss it. I know of none now in existence in my city or nearby, but hopefully there are some believers somewhere, who have belly laughs that are more contagious than Covid. I say: “Bring them on, dear Lord, to my town and to all the towns in our countries!”

How I pray that all of us will experience more laughter than we’ve ever known, as it’s a sign to unbelievers of the goodness and grace of God that we can laugh in the midst of great tribulation. Truly, the joy of the Lord is our strength, so here’s something that’ll bring a little chuckle and a smile to your heart on this day that we celebrate Jesus’ birth:

I pray for you my brethren, whose bellies are waiting for more Holy Ghost wine to fill them, to let angels tickle you, to have lots of chuckles….. and to have lots and lots of friends. Merry Christmas, y’all! I’m a Northerner turned Southerner, a sinner turned saint, a doubter turned believer, and an enemy turned friend, so what can I say now, but:-

“Ho! Ho! Ho! What great things God hath done!”

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    • Oh dear Marilyn, how good to hear from you
      precious friend! I pray for you to have your best year ever, so drunk with the love of God that many, many people will feel its power touching them, not that they don’t already, but even more so! You are such a treasure!


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