Strike A Match!

This afternoon I had a vision of the body of Christ in a circle, and everyone had a lit match in their hands. When they all threw them into the center, the fire became the biggest fire one could imagine. I believe the fire in the center of our “being” is going to be ignited past anything we’ve ever dreamed possible when the circle is unbroken and we are ONE!

It was amazing to me that this vision connected perfectly with an unfinished allegory I discovered when I was cleaning out a drawer. Even though it was written years ago, I believe it still has a message for us today.


“Tried-and-True” was a humble fellow. As he observed “Bumbling” trip over a match, his heart was stirred when the Holy Spirit showed him that stumbling was a way of life for him. He was instructed to put on the same attire that “Bumbling” had on, along with the veil his Master gave him which took on the appearance of whomever he was sent to. He didn’t like the name of the veil, but “Tried-and-True” had come to understand that the only way to reach someone was to become just like that person. It’s true that he was once like this one, so it was not difficult for him to understand his brother’s trouble and to know what to do. However, “Tried-and-True” had never stumbled over a match, so he called upon “Wisdom” to reveal what he needed to know about the matter.

“Wisdom” responded quickly: “Bumbling” stumbled because he can’t receive corrections from anyone. This misguided one believes that the Bible verse: “Judge not, lest you be judged” (Matthew 7: 1,) means that no corrections are to be made by man. Since he erroneously believes it’s wrong to correct anyone, he takes offense when he is judged.

Where are the fathers who have developed their ability to instruct and correct?” “Wisdom” thundered with tears running down her face. “Bastard children are running the church,” she boomed with a message that had to be heard. “This is to end!! God’s deliverers,… even His chosen from the foundation of the world are now waking up. They are the ones who have received the words of correction applying every word to themselves, so that now they are capable of correcting others.

“Blow the trumpet “Tried-and-True”! Blow it long and hard, and show my people their transgressions. God does not wink at sin! Don’t you know that the little foxes spoil the vine,…. that the lion is devouring God’s people through sin? Tell them to ‘Awake! Awake now, not later!’ Tell them: ‘The King is coming.’ Tell them to get ready and not to fear the face of man.”

However, “Bumbling”’s ears were not ready to hear, nor were his eyes ready to see yet. He said to himself: “I do not have to receive instruction from one who has sin in his flesh. I am equal to that one! No, I am better than he is, because my sin does not compare to his.” 

A butterfly named “Reconciliation” was commissioned to be sent to him. She fluttered love over him and then sitting on his shoulder, whispered gently: “I have come to reason with you. The match you stumbled over is the key to your salvation, and can become a fire to set you on fire. Look at my beauty. Look at my freedom to fly. You will remain burdened and stuck to the ground if you do not take my advice: Cease to be ensnared “Bumbling.” Take on the new name of “Cheer,” and dwell with the friends chosen from on High to accompany you. They are here now: “Courage,” “New Identity,” “Humility,” and one of the best of all friends, “Teachable,” shall be with you to show you the golden path-…. the “Highway of Holiness.” Cease stumbling over such a small thing as offense. Pride will flee from you then, and you shall know joy.”

“Tried-and-True” who was standing next to “Bumbling,” heard the words of the little butterfly, even though they had been whispered. “Bumbling,” who did not know the real identity of “Tried-and-True,” confided in him. “I’m ashamed,” he said, sobbing. “If I confess what I have done wrong, my shame will only increase, and I will be small or insignificant in the eyes of those who hear my confession.”

“Tried-and-True” put his arms around “Bumbling,” consoling him with words of life. “No, that’s not so. I know because like you, I felt the same way, and I, too, was afraid and ashamed. I didn’t see the eyes of the One who matters. The others were those I wanted to impress, but the butterfly wouldn’t leave my shoulders until I looked up. When I did, I saw the eyes of the most glorious being I had ever seen which were filled with admiration and love for me. Yes, ME, even though I was in the wrong,…. even though I had pushed corrections far from me like you have done. But when I looked at Him, I became just like Him. How could my Lord not have but wonder and admiration for me when I was and am his very spit and image?”

Then “Tried-and-True ” took off his veil, and “Bumbling” could see who he really was. The glory was so bright he had to shield his eyes. “You are my brother, and don’t you know that your name is “Tried-and-True,” too?” In that moment the match appeared out of nowhere carried by an invisible angel, and when it was struck, indeed, he did know.

The Heavens thundered and the Lion of Judah roared so loud, the earth trembled for great victory had been won. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!” the hosts of heaven cheered, and then there was silence for the space of a half hour…. even the silence of the “redeemed”!

Don’t you know dear brethren, that they are waiting for YOU to strike a match!! Yay! The name of “Tried-and-True” and the name of “Cheer” shall be written in your book of life, too! Hallelujah!

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  1. Powerful vision sister Michelle! I agree, I truly believe a fire will start burning within us and ignite a revival like something never seen in history! The time is coming soon for Gods people to be set ablaze. God bless 🥰

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