Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

“Starlight” lost her twinkle and couldn’t stop crying, because without her twinkle she couldn’t do her job. She was all stopped up inside and didn’t know how it happened. “How could I have lost my identity?” she wailed. “Without a twinkle, I’m nothing!” The seven foot angel assigned to help her called “Mum’s The Word” said nothing, of course. He shook his head sadly, because he knew “Starlight” had gotten off the path when she hid the “Word” under a bushel. Her reasoning mind had made decisions apart from the Spirit, and without realizing it, she was playing God when she decided not to deliver the precious words given to her. “Starlight”had been negatively impacted by someone who had judged her, and consequently, she wasn’t going to risk it happening again.

The angel had been instructed to show her a candle that was about to go out. While he had been forbidden to speak a word, he was commanded by the Most High God to bring forth a sign to her, and there was no greater sign than a candle because of its power to search the innermost parts of “being.” All men have their own candles, but most candles are not lit, and every man also has a star that’s his own. The given name of “Starlight”’s star was “Profusion,” but alas, the star was unable to live his name because he didn’t see himself as a star. He was but a worm in his eyes. Now “Starlight,” who was a detached part of him…. (the feminine part like Eve was to Adam,) did shine for quite a long time….. That was until she let the Word drop that had been given to her. It was not just a word that would benefit others, but one that was a key to her own destiny.

“Starlight” and the Star “Profusion” could not come together until his worm mentality was no more, and until “Carnal Reason” was recognized as an usurper in her. Two separate works had to be accomplished before their union could take place. 

The candle, which was a huge one, was placed right before “Starlight”’s eyes, and a mighty wind came on it causing it to almost go out. “Starlight” was perplexed at the sight because it seemed to come out of nowhere, and she found herself standing transfixed before it. The still, small voice whispered: “This is a sign of your own spirit letting you know that it’s outside of you. What is it doing outside instead of being inside?”

“Starlight” was startled. Until that moment, she didn’t realize it wasn’t in her. The light on the candle had flickered so low after the mighty wind came, it was a miracle that it hadn’t blown out. After staring blindly at it for a long while, “Starlight” got her wits back. “I must get my candle inside me again!” she shouted. “I must! I must! I must! But how?”

At that moment, the lyrics of an old song played in the heavens of her mind: “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference where you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.” Instantly, before she could say “Jiminy Cricket,” the candle miraculously was again where it belonged. “Starlight” could hardly believe it, but of course she did because the Holy Spirit was in her, and His witness was making itself known that it was so.

“Your being shall now come into alignment,” he informed her in a much louder voice than she was accustomed to hearing. “It’s time to search deep in order for you to understand the cause behind your disobedience.”

“Disobedience? I wasn’t disobedient!” “Starlight” responded sharply, having no idea of how that possibly could be because she had heard no voice giving her a command. It was then that the angel “Mum’s The Word” poked her. A new way was going to be shown to her, and the angel himself was the sign of what that way was. The Holy Spirit also was mum, waiting for “Starlight” to recognize her insolence. It wasn’t long before she saw that she had contradicted what the Holy Spirit spoke, and her heart became repentant. “I’m sorry, Holy Spirit. I know you know better than I do, so please tell me how I was disobedient.”

“That’s better “Starlight!” You just felt the nudge of an angel, but there’s a greater nudge inside you that you have not been sensitive to. You have been so distracted by your reasoning mind, you aren’t even aware when you are being nudged. You must become knowledgeable of the “Way of the Nudge” and know it even better than the “Way of the Voice.” When a man and his wife have known each other for many years, they know what each other is thinking without saying a word. You and “Profusion” are to be like that. Before your full union can take place, the candle is to do the work of revealing to you what has caused you to lose your twinkle…. You must regain it now, or you and your star shall become a black hole, never to shine again.”

“Starlight” trembled, knowing the words were true, so she called for “Grace” to light the candle in its full measure. Down, down, down her spirit-candle went into the deepest part of her being, and there she saw what was in her…. She had always had a vague sense of what it was, but now she could see it clearly. Recognizing the stronghold for what it was, her twinkle not only returned, it came with the power of a sword in it to annihilate the enemy. “Pride” could no longer be, because it had been found out. Like a laser beam hitting its mark, the desired end came and “Starlight” once more could hear “The Song”: “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference where you are. Anything your heart desires, will come to you,” but this time, the angels were singing it.

“Starlight”’s desire had been not only to have her twinkle back, but to have a “holy” union with her star, whereby all the inhabitants of the world would receive “transforming” light. And don’t you know with a name like “Profusion” (a pouring forth,) it couldn’t help but be. When “Starlight” was finally joined to her star, he was no longer the worm he always saw himself as.

Can you hear heaven and earth rejoicing now? A new star shall come forth from them that will lead wise men to their “King.”….. The star shall be called “Destiny,” and oh my, will it twinkle!!!

Are YOU ready to birth it, too?

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  1. It sounds like the coldness of a heart that forgets the joy of the Lord. How often we have each found ourselves there, forgetting the great price that was paid for our soul. the Joy of the Lord shall be our strength. Remember that song?
    God bless

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    • God has blessed you with excellent perception, Pedro, and yes I remember that song, sung over and over and over again. It brings a smile to my heart. Thank you so much for reminding me.
      Blessings and love,

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