The Transfiguration Is Coming

In a recent post on “Jesus The Righteous Path,” the author wrote about a wonderful dream that I feel must be made known to the body of Christ. Robin’s comment section was closed and since I wasn’t able to share what was revealed to me to her, I am putting it on my blog along with her url address: https://jesustherighteouspath.wordpress.com/2022/12/09/jesus-is-coming/ This precious sister entitled her writing “Jesus Is Coming! and whoo whee! I’m excited, just as she was!

HER DREAM- “I was positioned roughly 50 feet above the ground watching myself below. I appeared in an area which held 5 or 6 different bundles of tasks scattered along the floor. I watched myself rushing toward each of the areas to complete their task before something was to take place. But what was interesting, as I watched myself rushing around from task to task I could hear myself saying, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming. I remember saying this 5 or 6 different times then suddenly I disappeared. Next thing I saw was myself appearing in heaven like I was called up. I actually saw myself materialize there. In fact, I was so stunned that when I appeared, I was standing upright but had crouched my knees to brace myself as I landed and as soon as my feet landed on the floor of heaven, I immediately touched the outside of each leg with my hands. Then the dream ended.”

In the beginning of Robin’s dream she was seeing from a higher realm,… even the realm of the Spirit. 50 is the number of Jubilee, and when we experience the transfiguration, we are going to be set free! Oh yes, Jesus is coming in the same way that Moses and Elijah came to Jesus.

When Robin finished her tasks, she disappeared, which means that ONLY Christ was visible in her. Remember in the transfiguration, ONLY Jesus was seen by Peter, James, and John: They saw Him both when He was caught up, and also when His feet landed on the earth. Jesus spoke these words recorded in John 3: 13: “ No man has ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of Man which IS IN heaven.” Notice that He was right there IN HEAVEN while His feet were on the earth, and so shall it be for us in our transfiguration which her dream was all about. Robin’s true identity as Christ materialized (manifested.) Hallelujah! Her legs represent what she was standing on in faith, and she got a hold of underSTANDing represented by her hands touching her legs. 

I sent Robin’s post to Jackie Caporosa, a seasoned minister in the body of Christ, who I have known for many years, sensing that she would have insight on it. Sure enough she did, and this is what Jackie wrote: “The dream is a great word. The Lord is saying that she will come up higher in the Spirit, and be made able to see things from that position. First, she will fulfill what needs to be fulfilled in her walk (the tasks), but it will be a fast work because she was rushing in the dream. The awareness that Jesus is coming shows that she is becoming aware of Jesus being formed in her, in other words, of her being caught up in Jesus in her spirit. When this happens she will fall on her knees, and truly know that the real heaven is found in Jesus within. She touched each leg, acknowledging that she had to walk it all out.

The Lord is showing the next phase of her journey in Christ. She may not grasp it right away, so she must hear the right interpretation and then wait on the Lord. It is time for her. There is no place in the dream that speaks of a rapture, but she saw the catching up in the Spirit that she is soon to experience.”

Truly, this is a wonderful dream, not only for Robin, but is an encouragement for all of us. Yes, yes, yes! Jesus is coming! Hallelujah!

Note: Jackie’s website is: https://jackiecap.site. She is a nutcracker that has cracked open some of the best meat of the Word I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend her website to you, as her dreams, interpretations, insights, revelations, wisdom and understanding of the Word are of the highest order. “Bon appetit!”

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  1. Gonna check my settings. But so glad you came in and read it. I kinda had the same thought, the rushing around, the need to finish task. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate y’all’s input.

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    • And I’m so glad your settings will get fixed and communication will be available again. I am so thankful that the Lord gave you this dream and also for the work He is doing in you.
      Blessings and love,


      • Thank you so much Michelle and you’re such a blessing to me. I truly appreciate you being a part of this community and ALWAYS look forward to your comments, interpretations, wisdom and understanding.


  2. Comments are now on. Not sure what happened but usually keep them on just missed it this time. But thank you so very much for the interpretation. I can sometimes see it, but, it takes the church to interpret. Have a wonderfully, blessed week.

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  3. I had this dream about all these pairs of pants on a line being washed in the sun. Our walk is being cleaned. In a pot were all these new plants bursting though the soil. Something is going on that is for sure….GOD BLESS

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    • What a lovely dream- New life springing up, protected and tenderly cared for in good soil, all because your loins shall be gird about with truth,… even many revelations lined up (clothing washed clean, and Spirit-aired in the Son.) Would to God that all God’s people had this testimony!
      Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings and love,

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      • JESUS is so good Michele always! Many Blessings to you and your readers!


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