Coming Into Rest

“Labor to enter into the rest.” (Hebrews 4: 11)

Prior to going to bed, I had my usual prayer time and fellowship with my dear friend Marlene. We are two peas in a pod which has room for only pea when we get heated up. Sigh! I keep forgetting in the heat of passion for truth that it’s a good idea to be quiet. She keeps forgetting it, too. Another sigh! When someone has made up his or her mind about something, no matter how true our belief is, our words have no power unless the heart has been prepared to receive the truth and unless God anoints the words. I don’t know why both of us fail to remember this, but we get so passionate, we forget everything but our passion. We love each other and our shouting matches have not destroyed our friendship, thank God, but afterwards, I always go to the Lord: “It’s me again!” I tell Him. “I need your help.”

A night vision came, or possibly it was a dream in which I saw myself putting $65 in the pocket of my pajama bottoms. I remembered that I owed my son $71, and in the next scene I was giving it to him.

Now a little background for you before leading up to the interpretation: I met Marlene through my son who owns a business, and she called to get some information from him. In the course of their conversation, she witnessed to him, and he exclaimed: “You sound just like my mother!” Yep, the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have anything on either of us! Marlene gave my son her phone number to give to me, and we’ve been friends and prayer partners ever since.

I talked to my son when he was on his way to work about matters he was helping me with and afterwards told him about the dream. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t owe him any money in case the dream was a reminder, but “no,” I didn’t. I found myself telling him I still hadn’t overcome my tendency to press my point too strongly without telling him the particulars of what took place with Marlene, … only that the two of us were very much the same. I was truly sorry about it and it was not just words, but a Godly sorrow. I could feel my son touched by it and THEN it dawned on me. My son has suffered over the years because I’ve been too strong… Yes, it has hurt him because his disposition isn’t like Marlene’s and mine…. not that we don’t suffer a little,… We do! Nobody likes it when someone is overbearing, but because we’re each the same way, we understand each other.

What does a son do with an overbearing mother, huh? Now I want you to know I’m not that way most of the time…. Only when I’m very passionate about the Word or something that would affect another person’s life. Sigh! I just get carried away, and I believe it was healing for my son to see that I didn’t want to be the way I was and was struggling with it. 

Anyway, back to the $65 dollars and the $71 dollars. The Bible says to labor to enter into God’s rest. The number 65 can be taken in two ways: It’s been the number that Social Security has deemed to be the age one can retire and collect money. I see it to spiritually represent “ceasing from one’s own work,” and that equals “rest.” The number 6 is the number of man and the number 5 is the number of grace…. When we “have something in our pocket,” the Cambridge Dictionary states it means “to be certain to win or succeed at something,” and wearing pajama pants symbolizes that we’re gonna’ rest. Then when we’re at rest, what we’ll be giving to others is “perfect unity.” The Bible says to “owe no man anything but to love one another.” (Romans 13: 8) In the dream I owed my son (both my biological son and the son in me) love and it looks like in perfect unity (# 71) I had it to give.

I think of how the Bible says to “Confess your faults one to another!” (James 5: 16) and I’m seeing so clearly now that it’s the way we can be healed. I felt my son’s heart touched and softened when he saw I was open about my fault and wanting to get victory over it. We ALL have faults and while we can be perfect in the sense of being mature, we have thoughts and ways that are not like God’s. We have no power in ourselves to overcome them, but oh, we have grace and more grace in our pocket, and it’s not gonna’ be a magician’s bunny we’ll be pulling out of it…..

It’s gonna’ be LOVE to pay all our debts! Hallelujah!

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