Where Is Your Indignation?

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. (Romans 1: 18)

Three times the word “kind” came strong yesterday, and shortly afterwards, I wrote an allegory that caused me to wonder, as the word “kind” and my writing seemed incompatible…. But just as the lion and the lamb are two different sides of our Lord, I was shown that my writing and the word I was given are two sides of God’s message for us. We too, are called to have the lamb’s nature and the lion’s, and I believe the Lord emphasized kindness first because that is a part of the Lamb’s nature along with gentleness, mercy, and grace that must be established in us before God’s great power can be manifested. The fact the Lord emphasized kindness three times let me know that it is vital that this quality is established in us before we can move in His judgment and authority. The number three symbolizes completeness and when mercy and goodness in kindness have done their work in us, look out world. Psalm 18: 26 states: “With the pure, you will show yourself pure. With the froward (disobedient, contrary, unmanageable, difficult to deal with; with an evil disposition) you will show yourself froward,” so shall we do the same. My allegory is about the lion-side of Christ that will be manifested in this hour, hence the question:


“Indignant” entered the “Land of Atrocities” knowing he would not be received, but he was one who knew his calling and he delighted in doing the will of God. Tall and strong, fully dressed in the armor of God, he carried a giant sword that had the power in it to slay every enemy,…. and enemies there were. His eyes searched the land, and as they did, a path was burned in the grass by the fire flaming out of those eyes.

A trumpet sounded upon his entrance into the city of “Perversion,” the capital of the “Land of Atrocities,” blaring God’s message loud and clear: “All flesh is as grass and shall be burned up in this hour. Only those who have the golden key in their hearts shall stand…. Yay! The Holy ones shall be known, and all who are wicked shall be burned up!”

The land shook, and every man trembled knowing the hour of indignation had come, but because their hearts were hard, they immediately dismissed the message out of their minds. Picking up large stones to throw at the messenger, they shouted: “Kill him! Kill him! Do away with this intruder in our affairs!” But it was not possible, for a wall of invisible protection was all around “Indignant,” and when the stones hit the wall, they bounced back and killed the senders. The ones who had not yet thrown them stood aghast with mouths wide open, and hoards of flies came from every direction with many of them entering into their open mouths.

God’s Holy One shouted in a voice that shook the ground under their feet once again: “You, who serve the “Lord of the Flies” shall receive your just reward this day!” Many of them choked and gagged for the flies were a multitude they could not get away from and the killer bees were next to attack them,…. even giant ones whose stings were made from the venom of the wicked ones’ anger which had been spewed against others. Everything that they did to hurt others and every word curse they spoke as a weapon to destroy the righteous had come back on them. “The Day of Indignation” had come, and no one could escape it, except those who had the golden keys in their hearts…. The keys were not only the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, they were the door openers of every good thing, even of the treasure houses in Heaven. Those who had been faithful to keep God’s Word in their hearts, not just in their minds, were to receive their reward in this very hour, just as the unjust, wicked ones received theirs. What a day it was!!

After the retribution was done in the “Land of Atrocities,” a voice thundered that could be heard by all the inhabitants of the earth: “WHERE is your indignation? If you have no indignation against evil, you shall no wise enter into the kingdom of God! Who among you will be bold and speak up in the name of the Lord? Let it be known: If you are not bold in the day of judgment, you shall lose your souls. Yay! Only those who cry out for the souls of the lost with great compassion,….. only those who are not afraid to speak the truth,….. only those who are willing to lay down their lives for others, shall be saved. Their bodies may be killed, but they shall rise in resurrection to the dismay and consternation of the wicked who shall see the glory with their very eyes. Oh yes, they shall see, and then be burned up by the fire that cannot be quenched.

Again, I say: ‘Where is your indignation? If you have it, you shall be one of the Living Ones!”

Note: The etymology of “atrocity” is “heinous, extremely criminal, enormously cruel.” Truly, the land in which we are living now has become the “Land of Atrocities,” just as it was in the days of Noah. This is a solemn word, so take heed my brethren, and understand the times and seasons we are in!


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  1. Those who have the Holy Spirit living in them do have indignation for the current state of the world. We love the sinner but hate the sin, That said, there is a natural dislike for the sin as it makes itself known. We speak repentance at this time, hoping to turn them away from unrighteousness to the light of Christ knowing that the judgment of God is coming.
    Great insight.
    God bless

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    • Yes Pedro. It’s our desire that all men repent, and how I pray fervently for the Word to convict them of their need for salvation. Yes, mercy with grace to repent is available for everyone, but those whose conscience is seared with a hot iron,…. those whose hearts are hardened will face what the people in Noah’s day did, and what the Egyptians did when Pharaoh ruled cruelly over the people of God.

      Yesterday the anointing came all over me as the Lord confirmed that we are in the time likened to the days of Noah. The manifested sons of God who have grown to the full measure of the stature of Christ will be making decrees like Moses did. Bar-jesus (Elymas,) the false prophet, was struck blind by Paul’s pronouncement, eh? and Christians like Ananias and Sapphira will keel over dead when they lie to the Holy Ghost. God is asking us now: “Where is the indignation of people who will act accordingly?”
      My heart takes no pleasure in judgment. I would rather see mercy and so would God, but this is the way of the One Who is just in dealing with the wicked. What I have written is not well received by many, but it is the truth and the bold ones in the Lord will fulfill their calling to execute righteous judgment.

      I appreciate your comment so much Pedro, as I trembled in giving out this message…. God knows I would have preferred not to, but He strengthened me to do so. God bless you and bless you more for your support. I pray that you will be a mighty one in these final days bringing much glory to God.

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  2. I happen to agree with you. Believers will be called to take a stance and as we look around our world at everything going on there’s no doubt in my mind we’re living in the days of Noah. By the way, I have about 6 tasks I need to complete…Jesus is coming!

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