The Way To Joy And Glory

“Caroling” was a joy, bringing the right spirit everywhere she went. Her favorite song was “No Longer I, But Christ,” and oh how happy she was when she sang its lyrics: “I wish everyone was like me!!”

The people in the town of “Prideful Superiority” didn’t like this song at all thinking “Caroling” thought she was better than they were which was a big “no, no” to people who assumed that they were the great ones. These deluded folks did not realize that it was God in her (as her) singing the song,…. even Christ, the perfect one whose desire was and is that everyone come into perfection… “Caroling” had done just that and was decked with glory, power, majesty and excellence for she had donned her robes of sorrow, lack, poverty, malevolence, jealousy, pride and more. Her whole dark wardrobe was burned on that day when she came to realize who she was. Her apparel of ashes was replaced by the clothing of light, and her name “Wretched” was changed to “Caroling.” Oh happy, happy day! Upon her betrothal to her “Beloved,” His name “Perfection” was written on her heart, mind and in her secret place deep within. Because it was decreed from on High and written, not only on her outward parts, “Caroling” was able to “BE” perfection by the power of the law of life constantly working in her.

One of the townspeople named “Religious Haughtiness” was a special challenge to her because she had once been very much like him. When she was in his presence, she realized that if she wasn’t watchful, calling out for the grace of God to help her, she could resort to her old ways of being like him. 

“Caroling’s” best friends were “Wisdom” and “Honor” and they accompanied her all the time. The people in the town of “Prideful Superiority” begrudgingly stepped down into a lower place when “Caroling”, “Wisdom” and “Honor” got close to them. Oh, how they wanted to run away from these three because a sense of conviction would overtake them causing them to shake. However, as soon as a thought would come that they needed to change, their constant companion “Anti-Christ” would raise a terrible raucous, so much so that they couldn’t think, much less think straight. Hearing the loud commotion made outside, reinforcement named “Angels from Hell” would come on the scene and drag the people away. The whole town was in captivity to them.

Because “Caroling” walked with “Wisdom,” she knew the power of prayer based upon the Word of God. “Wisdom” gave the instruction to her and to all in the family of “Righteousness” to fast and pray for twenty-one days. Then, he informed them: “Pride,” the king of “Prideful Superiority” will be taken captive through the power of the Word of God put into practice. Afterwards, a new king, “Meek and Lowly” with his queen “Humility” will reign in that wicked one’s place.”

“Wisdom” also instructed “Caroling” to sing along with “Praise” and “Thanksgiving” all during those days dedicated to the purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ of bringing down the deadly strongholds of “Pride,” the “Lust of the Flesh” and the “Lust of the Eyes” that kept not only “Prideful Superiority” captive, but the whole world.

“Caroling” was such an obedient child and did exactly as she was told. At the end of her assignment, she picked up the ram’s horn called the “Breath of Life” and blew it with all her might. Out of that horn came a most glorious, magnificent creature,… the Lamb of God manifested in another form-… . even a perfect stag whose beautiful antlers reached the height of heaven.

Upon His appearing, an announcement was made to everyone who dwelled upon the earth: “Hear ye, hear ye, all you who dwell in ungodly places: The reign of peace, joy and righteousness has come. Behold the horns of the mighty Stag and know that Satan’s reign shall be overcome by the power that these horns represent… even, tenderness tempered with strength.” Oh what a day that was! The sound of caroling broke out everywhere for “Caroling’s” long awaited fruit had come.

Can you picture reindeer on YOUR roof now? Truly joy will be yours as you speak wisdom effortlessly from the top of your head causing “Wonder” to appear. Yay! It will no longer be Christ in you, the “hope” of glory, but you in Christ, the “manifestation” of glory, power, might, and all that God is!

Oh what joy!!

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