A Hairy, Glorious Godmother

Don’t we all need and want power? We can’t run a washing machine, a car, or even move our physical bodies without it, eh? I believe that there’s no greater power than prayer power, and doncha know, a woman has gotta have power on her head because she was made for a man. Huh? That seems to be what the Bible says in 1 Cor. 11: 9-11, but don’t panic: I’m not going to be tackling something I have no revelation on. Thank God, eh? I have mentioned this scripture because the title of my post spontaneously popped into my mind and what can I say?- It led me on this rabbit trail,…. not anything unusual in my case.

Since a woman ought to have a head full of glorious hair, how much more so does a Godmother need it? I have never been a literal Godmother, nor have I had one myself, but a dream I had recently brought the subject to my attention. Previous to having it, I had a lot of questions circling in my brain, like bees buzzing around a hive, all from reading the thought-provoking writings of a very zealous brother in Christ who is on a crusade for the homeless. He’s been very outspoken about how wrong he believes Christians are in not bringing them into their homes and was upset with his church because his request for them to camp on its lawn was denied. This brother’s description of the extremely terrible conditions of the homeless pulled on my heartstrings and I cried out to the Lord to know His ways and thoughts concerning them and our part in helping them. I believe the dream is an answer to my heartcry, but before I share it, I want to give you a little background history:

In my Christian zeal when I was a young single mother, I took in a homeless woman giving her my son’s bed to sleep in and all I can say is “Yikes!” and “Horrors!” It definitely wasn’t in God’s guidance that I did that, as worse than an “Ishmael” was born out of my carnal mind’s decision. Only His grace delivered me from that controlling old woman.

Then I helped a young woman named Margaret who was on welfare and she ran me ragged. I was dealing with a lot of pain in my body from R.A. at that time, and she’d call me in the middle of the night to come get her and I would do it as well as other things that I wouldn’t have done if I had had the wisdom and knowledge then that I have now. I had not learned how to say “no” during that period of my life and my relationship with her, needless to say, was a very unhealthy one.

The reason I have told you about Margaret, who I haven’t seen or heard of in over 40 years, is that she was in the dream God gave me a little over a week ago. In it, I was getting things for her in a consignment shop. There were several interactions that I had with the owner, but I can’t remember what was said. In the end I was getting items for her baby who had on a very long, skinny black tie from its neck to his feet. In the last scene, the baby had a giant black bow tie that covered his entire belly from one side to the other. I was told I was to be his Godmother.

This dream had me stumped until I shared it with a friend who made the point that a Godmother’s responsibility is to PRAY! The baby represents what came out of Margaret (her spiritual fruit) with the neck representing the “will” and the belly the “appetite.” The connection (tie) to both of them was black (dark.) What I believe the Lord was showing me is that many of the poor and homeless are in the same condition as Margaret because they have allowed their bellies to be their God and their wills to rule them instead of our Lord.

We do have an obligation to pray for them and to contribute to third parties (the consignment shop) for their clothing and food, but only, ONLY if we get a direct word from the Lord are we to take anyone into our homes. We are going to see many, many more homeless people in the days ahead and how we must be led by the Lord concerning what we are to do for them. In my home town there’s a Christian organization called “Safe Harbor” that has assistance and training for women who are in dire circumstances…. women who are battered, homeless and the infirmed. Several apartment buildings were donated for them to live in and professional God-loving people are involved in helping build them up in every way. The Holy Spirit let me know that this ministry is of Him and I have joy and confidence in knowing it’s good ground to plant seed in. I urge you to pray to know the ministries that are to be supported in your communities, as we all have a calling to help the poor.

I am so grateful God speaks to us in dreams. This one has given me the revelation and instruction I needed, so all that’s left now, is to be a Godmother full of prayer power….

even a “hairy” one!

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