Pressing On Into The Miraculous With The Faith Of A Child

I heard the words “Miraculous endeavors are coming!” and then the Lord emphasized it three times in a loud voice: “They are coming! They are coming! They are coming!” I saw myself pressing through many, many shadows that criss crossed each other, and as I moved through, I held up my arms to cover my face. 

The etymology of “endeavor” is “pains taken to attain an object”…. “one’s utmost effort.” Its definition according to Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary is an “activity directed toward a goal.”This word from God is letting us know that miracles are not going to take place by us sitting on our lees. However, it is not “self-effort” that we will be employing, but faith in God relying on His grace, spirit and power to do the work. Our part is to believe, not looking at the shadows…. Yay, we are to take up spiritual arms against the appearance of things that contradict the Word of God.

Peter walking on water is one of the greatest examples for us to keep our eyes on “The Truth.” The turbulent water was a fact, but there’s a higher realm and reality than natural facts,…. even, the Word of God that trumps over what our senses tell us. That cancerous growth, crippled body, demon possessed mind, financial debt, storm, snake bite, and broken heart are all realities, but they are like fleeing shadows. We’ve been set free by the blood of the Lamb and through His cross, and now you and I are to be living supernatural lives-…. lives raised above curses as a result of what He did for us.

So let us raise up powerful arms endued with God’s might because Jesus bore ALL the curses,…. ALL our diseases,… and ALL our sins. (Galatians 3: 13, Psalm 103: 2- 3, 1 Peter 2: 24, Matthew 8: 17, Isaiah 53: 4- 5) Oh praise, praise, praise the Lord! When the Word of God decrees something, and when the Spirit of the “Living One” says it three times, NOTHING can prevent it from happening!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Miraculous endeavors are coming…. in DEED they are!

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