A Dog That Prophesies

Stars have always had my attention: Not those that are the idols of men, but the ones that shine in the night proclaiming the glory of God. Little did I know as a child looking up in wonder at them that they told a story in which I had a part.

In the middle of the night, the name “Newfoundland” came. As I was fast asleep, my usual “Huh?” wasn’t spoken, but you can be sure it came later. Since Newfoundland is the name of a dog and a deacon,” my mind’s eye pictured the Lord smiling, saying: “You’re going to the dogs and to the stars today, Michele Renee!” He calls me Michele Renee when He corrects me or when He wants my attention on something important. Thankfully the land won’t be my behind getting swatted, but instead a new discovery for my eyes.

The name “Newfoundland” has a “come discover” beckoning call in it for me and for all of you too, who are explorers of spiritual realms. Did you know that there are two minor constellations named after dogs? Think of it: A Newfoundland dog is going to bring us light today and its rays are going to shine on new territory to explore within…. even the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. How many know that when we look up at the stars glowing in the night, those stars are declaring the glory of God in sign language? (Psalms 19: 1-4) In the sign of Gemini, there’s a deacon called “Canis Minor,” which in modern language means “The Lesser Dog,” and another one called “Canis Major,” being “The Greater Dog.” I believe it’s the big dog “Canis Major”…. even the top dog that’s got the “catch up” with it for us.

I realize that when the Zodiac is mentioned, there are some who think that anything to do with it is of the occult. It’s true that Zodiac signs are used in horoscopes which are NOT of God and used in other ways that are of the devil, like ascribing personality traits to people according to the sign they were born under. May you know I was born under the sign of the cross and so were you, so Christ is our identity, no other!

Now that’s established, I want to give you scripture that validates that the stars in the Zodiac do prophesy. Yay, stars proclaim messages to us and the brightest star in all the heavens is “Sirius” or “Seir” (The Prince) found in the constellation “Canis Major” from which we get “Sire.” In the ancient Denderah Zodiac, Canis Major is called “Apes,” which means “head” and is pictured as a hawk, the natural enemy of the serpent. The name of the star is “Naz” meaning to come forth, coming swiftly down and when the names of this constellation (Naz- hawk) and its major star “Seir” are combined, we get the words Naz Seir. Matthew 2: 23 states that Jesus “came and dwelled in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, he shall be called NAZ-SEIR-ENE.” Biblical scholars have been at a loss to explain by what prophet or in what prophecy it was said that Christ should be called a Nazarene, but here it is found in the stars, even what one might call “Newfoundland.” The prophecy that our Lord would be the “sent Prince” (the enemy and destroyer of the serpent) come into the world to deliver us HAS BEEN IN THE SKY FROM THE BEGINNING OF CREATION!

And now God has brought us to the dogs at this time letting us know that our deliverance is at hand with “new land” coming with it-…. even new bodies, new discoveries, and new life. If ever there was a time to shout, this is it cuz we’re gonna be relishing what we got with “catch-up” in the heavenlies!

Hot dog!!

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  1. This is great explanation, especially for so many of us who don’t really know astronomy, but still have a fascination with it. Thank you, and God bless.


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