Don’t Hit Anyone In The Head With Your Word From The Lord

I went to bed listening to some teachings by a minister recommended by a friend and fell asleep while they were playing. I dreamt of him, and in the dream he was with me and my family expounding all his knowledge. I wanted to add a word in and tried to a couple of times, but that was not to be. There was something else that I vaguely remember about the pen I had that was in two parts. When I woke up I had a vision of many squirrels jumping up and down, and one of them had a nut which he threw with all his might that hit another squirrel hard on the head.

We jump up and down with great excitement when we’ve got a nugget (nut) of revelation from the Lord, don’t we? and we naturally want to share it. WE’ve grasped it and probably have unpacked the meat of the word for ourselves, but if someone is not ready for what we know and we fling our revelation at them, they can’t get it. Their noggins will be hurting (they’ll get nutty) because we’ve caused an unnecessary problem. I am convicted right now of having done this to my daughter. She’s spirit-filled and we have a very close relationship, but I often don’t stop to think if my latest word from the Lord is something that’s right for her. I’ve hit my close friends a few times with my latest word as well, thinking they’re going to be as thrilled as I am. Sigh! We don’t realize what we do until God shows us, eh? Thankfully, there’s no condemnation, but maybe a blushed face which I think is a good sign of spiritual health. I believe there’s nothing better than repentance for the soul.

Now back to the minister who was bringing forth all his revelations with no one able to share theirs: Is this not, for the most part, the way the present church system is set up? The Bible states that when we come together each member of the body of Christ is to participate: One will have a psalm, another a teaching, another a revelation, another a tongue, and another an interpretation. (1 Cor. 14: 26). Do you know any church gathering where this kind of teamwork is going on?

Years ago, I called out to God wanting to be in such a fellowship, but there was none I could find. It was after I prayed fervently to be led to one that the Lord gave me a dream in which a white woman was carrying me over her shoulders. Hagar, who represents Old Jerusalem and old ways, was walking alongside us and I was a mass of tears as I was brought to Jacob’s well by the one I believe symbolized the Samaritan woman. The point the Holy Spirit brought out to me was that the woman at the well in John 4: 1-30 wanted to know WHERE she should go to worship. Jesus didn’t tell her to go to Jerusalem or to any other place, did He? He said: “True worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth,” and when I sought the Lord more concerning the dream, He told me that I would be like the wind:…. that I would go where He wanted me to go and when.

I have been only to three churches since that time, with one of them being a Baptist Church in which the pastor told his congregation that all the gifts had passed away with the apostles long ago. He and that church know differently now because the Lord had me speaking in Greek, a language that the pastor knew. However, while that pastor confessed that he now believes that the gifts are for today, he asked me not to use the ones God gave me because he didn’t want a split in his church. He said that I could continue to attend the services as long as I didn’t use my gifts. I asked him if he would go to a church that wouldn’t allow him to preach. He said: “No!” and I answered that likewise, neither could I. Even though I pointed out that the Bible states: “Forbid not to speak with tongues,” (1Cor. 14: 39) it didn’t make a difference. The reality is that people and churches do what they want to do. Yes, I’ve been this way, too, but in the day of God’s power we shall all be made willing. (Psalm 110: 3) How unlike the early church we presently are as they met every day, prayed together, broke bread house to house, and continued daily with one accord in the temple. (Acts 2: 42- 47) Those believers actually KNEW each other INTIMATELY and shared everything in common. Tell me: Do you know any churches like that?

I heard a teaching about the five husbands that the woman at the well had represented the five fold ministry, and that the one that she was living with was symbolic of the writing ministry that would follow. I don’t know for certain that this is the correct interpretation, but it has been true for me. My dream last night showed the pen I had was in two parts and two is the number of “witnesses” (the word and the spirit) which a writing ministry is. The pen showed up in the dream after I was not able to share what I had been given because the minister gave me no opportunity to do so. How sad it is, that the programs and forms of the churches quench the Holy Spirit’s freedom to move among God’s people.

Thankfully, blogs have been a tool for individuals to give their part to the body of Christ, but the writing ministry is not the end of the story, just like the man the woman at the well was “living” with was not. Christ is!: There will be a people who shall see eye to eye in Zion after each one in the 100 fold ministry grows up into the head. It is then that we shall see unity and teamwork. It is then the sevenfold spirit of God will be in operation. And yes, the 30 and 60 fold ministries-…. those in the outer court and inner court…. those who have spiritually experienced the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Pentecost shall continue in the way they always have, but for those who hunger to be in the Holy of Holies continually,…. those who will spiritually experience the Feast of Tabernacle,…. those who long to fulfill their destinies as Priests and Kings of the Melchizedek order, a CHANGE is coming!

Just as the age changed from the age of the law to the age of truth and grace when Jesus Christ came, so shall the church age change to the kingdom age when Christ is fully manifested in the sons of God. That man in the country of Gadarenes filled with demons who dwelled in the caves had been cutting himself with the letter of the Word (the hard outer shells) which so many locked up in our institutions have done. Oh the letter defiles and kills, my brethren, as well as wrong timing.

Hear it: You who desire the Lord with all your heart: YOU are the ones the whole world is waiting for. Let the Lord do a quick work in you. Let “repentance” have her way, and for Heaven’s sake, keep your nuts to yourselves….  

That is, UNTIL your time has come!

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  1. I truly believe that not every word, dream, vision, revelation or saying that we get from God is meant to be shared with others. We have to be careful. What is our goal in sharing? Will sharing this thing really help or uplift others? It’s all in the motive.


    • Your words are so true…. We often don’t recognize our motives, but thankfully we have One inside us Who lovingly brings us light. When I read your thoughtful comment, I was made aware of how each one of us plays a part in our lives. Your choice of scripture for your identifying name was and is so encouraging to me. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 138: 8 which goes right along with it. Thank you and bless you for reading my post and taking your valuable time to comment on it.


  2. This really hit me in the head…in the very best of ways! Thank you, Michele, for sharing this post. It gives lots to ponder, and brings much encouragement! I found it interesting my children’s book is about a squirrel dealing with relational issues. There is this thing about nuts after all…!
    Blessings to you! 💞🥰💐

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    • You always give me so much encouragement Sherry, and I really needed it on this one. Bless, bless, bless you! I love it when sisters are on the same page…. and brothers, too. I had written another light post on squirrels coming that has a sweet thought in it I neglected to add that may be of interest to you:

      I love you Sherry and feel so much love from you, too. It has meant so much to me to have our blog relationship.


      • Thank you, Michele! I treasure the blessing of our Papa bringing us together! Love you, too, dear heart! What a JOY to be sisters in the LORD! We can be squirrelly girls together! 💞🐿🥰

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      • I so delight in your playful response and in the kindness of your love. May you have much, much joy today and be as great of a blessing to others as you are to me. 😘❤️💥

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  3. Exodus 23:19
    The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk.

    I think I will to a Tidbit on this verse at some point, but I’m sure you understand it.

    Great lesson
    God bless
    PS: Thank you for following

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    • I am so thankful for your comment Pedro, and am looking forward to reading your thoughts on this scripture as I do not know the spiritual meaning of what seething a kid in his mother’s milk is. I’ve read the commentaries on it being connected with the Feast of Tabernacles and my spirit is stirred with hope to receive deeper understanding…. Our connection to our mothers including Mother Church has so many aspects and I have sensed great healing and restoration shall be coming to us as we see these relationships more clearly through our Father’s eyes. Bless you and bless you more for bringing this verse to my attention. 🌟❤️Michele

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      • The thing that the Spirit showed me is that the church is the Mother of believers, and the milk is the word of God. Typically the Word is meant to nourish us unto maturity, but the Word has been used to break down believers, kind of like the squirrel throwing nuts. It’s the same concept as throwing stones. the “seething” is boiling to tenderize. The Word must not be the death of us, especially our young believers. Thank you, and God bless you

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      • Thank you so much for your words of enlightenment and for your blessing, Pedro. I pray that God will increase your wisdom and understanding. As I write this, I picture stars in your eyes which to me means the light you have is penetrating the darkness.
        I appreciate you brother.

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