Not So Fast!

“Oh Lord,” I cried: “Give me a head start today!” and then later I added: “with a finish line.” As I write this, I hear the word “teamwork” and I picture a carriage that is stuck in the mire that needs a strong horse or two to pull it out. Yep! I and my carriage carrying the truth have been stuck for several days now. 

I have seen how over and over again God gives a word that’s meant to be understood spiritually, but instead, it’s interpreted literally and off to a ditch we go. I believe the biggest temptation we face is to misunderstand God and one another and sadly, we often do.

In the morning of November 10th, I heard the word: “Kennedy is here!” Ya gotta know a lot of “Huh”’s, “Say what’s?” and fuzzy no-clue thinking came, but I couldn’t ponder it long, because I woke up late that morning and had little time to get ready to go to the senior citizen’s center. Since Covid I had not made friends with anyone new, and I prayed that the Lord would open up an opportunity to meet others. When the Council on Aging put a bulletin online, I noticed that “pinochle,” a game that I enjoyed playing in my youth, was on their list of activities. I am much aware of how needful it is to wait on the Lord to find out if a desire is of him, and “playing cards” for someone who has been dedicated to giving attention to only spiritual activities, was indeed questionable…. I didn’t intend to have playing hands in the place of praying hands without a word from the Lord that He was leading me to do so. It was during a time in prayer when I was not thinking about the senior center’s activities, that the English word “pinochle” came in the middle of my speaking in tongues. Wow! I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was God’s will for me to play pinochle, and afterwards I didn’t check with Him if it should be on the next day when it was scheduled or at another time. Off I went in a rush to trouble’s door with only a little sense something was not quite right.

A huge truck slamming on the driver’s side of my car sure let me know though. The crash happened because I got myself lost going home, and being in a tense state I made a sudden turn on a one way street. It was a miracle that I wasn’t hurt except for soreness in my back and neck. The driver’s door was so smashed and caved in, it couldn’t be opened and I had to climb over to the passenger’s door to get out. How I thank Jesus for His keeping power as the blow was hard enough for my eyeglasses to be knocked off my face onto the dashboard. There’s no doubt in my mind that I could have been killed.

Surprisingly, the following night I had a dream that I was in an accident in which a woman came speeding around a curved road and smashed into my car. In the next scene she was lying on the ground and some people were there standing near her. I asked if any of them had witnessed the accident, but no one did, and then when I went to look at the woman again, she was gone. In the dream, I remembered the literal accident I just had and exclaimed: “Oh no!”

Both the accident and the dream have a spiritual message in it, with the obvious one being “Slow down!”…. “Don’t be quick to assume anything!”…. “Don’t assume period!” but there’s more to it and I’m hoping that a team of horses will be coming to help me out.

I can see now how the word “pinochle” in my tongues was not intended to be a sign of God’s will for me to go to the senior center to play that game. The word has an etymology that led to “binoculars” (having both eyes) and since I was on a one way street when my accident occurred, I see it spiritually conveying that having only one eye in a relationship (being on a one way street “thinking-wise”) is bound to bring trouble.

I looked up “car crash” in a few sites online that gave dream interpretations and this is what I found: “To dream of being in an accident represents waking-life errors of judgment or mistakes you’ve made”…. “A car accident may reflect a collision of ideas or agendas with other people…. Two people getting into a fight about different ways of living and not wanting to talk to each other.”

Here are some other interpretations: “An accident is an unintended and immediate correction.”….”Unexpected trouble resulting from choice, decision or action.”…. “Guilt surrounding a situation for which you feel directly responsible, even if that feeling is unwarranted.”…. “Becoming seemingly helpless due to: This expresses feelings of defenselessness – as if one is totally at the whims of fate.”

Just now, a new thought came barreling through my mind like a bullet fired through a shotgun. Everything in the natural… (especially the bad things) contain pearls of wisdom for us in the end…. Yay, those giants of sin and calamity are bread for us. I believe that the accidents,…. the literal one I had and the one in my dream, have to do with broken and “aborted” relationships. In the dream the woman on the curved road driving fast that got knocked out and then was no more shows how reactions are like curved balls…. Clashes result and then relationships are no more.

Our psyches are affected in ways we know not. Two nights ago I had a vision in which a diamond ice pic went through the top of my head down through my body, then into my heart. It had a red rose on its tip and when it entered, my heart became that rose and after that my whole being was the rose. The red rose symbolizes LOVE and there had to be a breakthrough through what was frozen in order to become whole… to be one who loves and lives with great passion. The Spirit of God is dealing with us now on how we think about ourselves in our subconscious. A diamond represents TRUTH and little by little the truth is breaking up the frozen parts that have hindered us from becoming the full manifestation of Christ. 

My accident and the accident in the dream are types and shadows of what spiritually happened long ago in my life that has had effects on my relationships with others that I have been unaware of. I am being transparent about my sin now  because people need to realize how devastating abortion is murdering much more than a precious baby… It murders the psyche of the mother and father, affects their children and brings a curse on a nation when it is condoned. 

On the day President John Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963, I aborted my baby. Abortion was in my family line and is a spirit that continues in its devastation into our present relationships UNTIL the full cleansing work and deliverance is accomplished. Yes, I repented and had prayer over me regarding what I had done, but today a word was spoken over me with one of the heaviest anointings I’ve ever felt, and it’s YOUR word, too: “For I will restore health unto you, and will heal you of your wounds,” saith the Lord.” (Jer. 30: 17)

There’s no better “last line” than this one!

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