Translation Is Coming

“Enoch door open!” were the first words I heard upon rising in the morning, and “Wonder” came as she always does when God speaks a new word to me. Then later, as I prayed in the Spirit, I saw hands come out of heaven with ethereal looking material in them that was both light and substance. The hands (the work of God) clothed me whirling and whirling that glorious material around my body. Imagine my delight when these words jumped out at me from the Book of Enoch:

“And the righteous and elect shall have risen from the earth, And ceased to be of downcast countenance. And they shall have been clothed with the garments of glory, And they shall be garments of life from the Lord of Spirits: And your garments shall not grow old, Nor your glory pass away before the Lord of Spirits.”

Truly, this is our future lot, but I believe we have an amazing change of garment coming now. Enoch’s door is going to open for us, and we must be dressed accordingly, eh? When you’re going to a ball, you’re not going to wear dungarees, are you? I know I’m dating myself using this word instead of jeans, but the “dung” in dungarees spiritually makes a statement: What we are coming into requires us to do what the Apostle Paul did: “Consider all the glory we’ve known in the past but “dung” that we may come into the glory of “perfection.” It’s at the door brethren, and just like there’s a “getting ready” that must be made for all important occasions, there’s a being clothed with the right mind full of light for what’s ahead… even “a head.” In the language of parables, what a person’s mind is clothed in is what his mind wears and our thinking has been going through an inner evolution, until finally we grow up into “the head.” Our different stages of development are a result of what we think, and our end is to be full of light that shall come from the substance (material) of faith.

Enoch stands out among all men because he rose to the spiritual place that the carnal mind (death) no longer operated in him, and because of it, he pleased God and was translated. Oh brethren, Enoch’s name literally means “dedicated and consecrated” and when we, like him, are dedicated and fully consecrated, THEN we’ll be translated. We tend to think that Enoch was translated off the face of the earth, but that can not be because he was listed among those who died in faith. (Hebrews 11: 13) Hence, the translation he had to have experienced was being translated out of his old thinking (the carnal mind) into thinking in the mind of Christ on a continual basis. THAT is what is going to bring pleasure to God in our lives, and we must go through the door of Enoch to bring us into it.

I think of how a baby remains in the womb until the appointed time that he or she goes through the narrow opening into an entirely different world. The door is likened to that opening and we are not going to know what it is to be entirely full of light ALWAYS functioning in the mind of Christ until we go through it. Yay, after we buy the truth and our mind is full of its glory, the birth of a new life is what’s coming! So now I say,….even shout with wonder and expectation:

“Enoch door: OPEN!” And just like Bob Barker shouted “Come on down!” on “The Price Is Right,” I, and all those clothed in faith’s light, will be hearing: “Come on UP!” Yay, we’ll be in heavenly places experiencing wonders all the time on earth because THE PRICE OF SALVATION WAS PAID! (Philippians 2: 12)


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