What’s Your Motive?

I had a vision last night of false teeth biting into an apple. Oh my goodness, huh? No, it’s: Oh my badness!” The question facing every one of us is “What are our motives for doing what we do?” An apple represents something good,…. even fruit from the tree of life, and teeth are needed to bite and chew it, eh? We know we need that fruit, but if our motive isn’t pure, uh oh!

This vision came right after I had checked a couple of “likes” on some blogs I had never visited before. One was about masks and motives, and it was deserving of much more than a “like.” It was a “wow,” but a message can be oh so true and we can shout a loud “Amen!” to it, but that doesn’t mean we got the message established deep in our heart. Did I pay attention to my motive for giving all the “likes” I checked? No! The other two posts I clicked expressing appreciation were just okay in their content, and I went ahead and checked them completely oblivious of my motive for doing it until after the vision came.

I don’t like admitting it, but I was trying to get those two bloggers to go to MY blog. Yep, it was “manipulation” which is something I abhor, but thank God, I repented and got rid of those false teeth of mine. Thank God, I don’t have to “gum” applesauce now, because God is good and a grower of new teeth for those who repent and believe in miracles.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s right for us to desire that others read our God inspired writings. He wants His words to be made known and we are His stewards getting His message out, but He doesn’t need carnal methods to do it. More than anything, God desires pure hearts in His people, and it’s pleasing Him that’s to be the #1 motive in our hearts, not swaying multitudes of people.

I believe that checking “likes” on blogs is a way to encourage and bless others, and making comments is another way of saying: “What you’re doing brother (or sister) is important. It’s of God and your words are “life” to me.” God Himself is manifested through us every time we encourage someone or give a word of admonition when we discern when there’s error.

How many today realize we have a calling to be our brother’s keeper? Do we love him enough to speak up? Do we want and love truth enough to listen to each other, pray about what we hear and believe for unity to come through the grace of God? How are we going to see eye to eye in Zion if we keep sweeping things under the rug, afraid we’re going to offend someone? GO A-HEAD (even manifesting Christ’s head) and offend me! I love truth more than wanting to keep my pride, because I want to be set free. My spirit will rejoice and be grateful when you do, because without correction,…. without truth, my soul can’t be saved.

So brethren, “Be true to your teeth, and they won’t be false to you.” (author unknown.) Yay, preserve those God given teeth of yours and before you know it, you’ll be eating more than an apple. When there’s nothing left in our lives that’s false: false presumptions, false emotions, false judgments…. false whatevers, we’ll be eating delicious apple pie prepared by angels for us… even pie a-la-mode.

Bon appetit my brethren: Know that dessert is coming for truth lovers who have pure hearts!

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  1. Absolutely truth! Wonderful post and I agree I believe we all participate in this at some point. I went through the same when I first started out. So can totally relate. Thanking for sharing michele.

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