Ya Gotta’ Wonder!

My “huh”’s” have turned into “say what”’s and now into “WOW”’s! There is nothing better than a mystery of God revealed to us, except a manifestation of His love. Tell me: Is there anything more exciting than discovering how God thinks and what His ways are?

Recently I screamed to the Lord from the pit of my being: “I gotta’ have WONDER!” and He responded: “You got it!” but not in direct words, but in what followed. He let me know that all the wonders on the outside of us are nothing compared to the wonder that He’s made us to be: “And there was a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her had a crown of twelve stars,” (Rev. 12: 1)…..She’s all who are faithful and true.

When I prayed in the Spirit, the English words “brave endurement” came, and yes, yes, YES: THAT is what God considers to be a wonder, because don’t you know that those who endure to the end shall be saved? It takes courage to go against oneself and to endure during the process, and only a few are going to do it. Yes, it truly is a wonder.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, I heard the words: “Helium Bride, come inside.” I believe that the “Helium Bride” is you and it’s me rising up to take our place in the Kingdom, and yes, getting a look at what’s inside. Then afterwards, when I was praying with a friend who is a strong believer, two visions came. The first one was of each of us carrying a torch, and we were swapping them back and forth, back and forth. What could be more important than keeping the fire of our love for the Lord and for others burning, and one of the ways we do it is by giving what we have to one another. While we’re here on earth, there’ll always be a night of darkness with a day of revelation following it, but we are not in total darkness if we have a torch in our hands (in our power,) and it’s our heart’s desire and dedication to the Lord that will keep it continually lit.

In the next vision, I saw the word “CHANGE” in big letters in the sky, and a hand reached up to grab the LAST letter FIRST. I had no clue of what it meant and neither did Kitty, but some hours later, understanding came when I read the words of Maurice Nicoll. In his book called “The Mark,” he wrote that for a man to unlearn, to become as a little child, and to seek what is lost in him, goes against all that he has accomplished and all that he feels to be valuable…..He stated: “to shift his inner basis and his reasonable feelings of merit, means a struggle that cannot even begin unless he sees that all he has done is a means to another END. It is of this END that the Gospels speak, almost in every word.”

Ah yes, the beginning CHANGE starts with our leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ going on into perfection.” (Hebrews 6: 1) Haven’t we been in awe when people have been healed, when the dead have been raised and when miraculous signs and wonders have appeared? We’ve thought nothing could be greater than these, but not so!

It’s time that we looked at a little child and WONDER at her or him! The words “Caleb door” came as I sang in the Spirit, realizing that it was Caleb who entered the kingdom. Caleb’s name means “dog,” and a dog and a child to me mean “unconditional love.” Can you see the door of perfection (love) opening now?

Only one who has become as a little child can walk through it, because “Except we turn (CHANGE) and become as little children, we shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 18: 3) Just now, I asked the Lord: “What is that child’s name?” and whoo whee! “Amnesty” popped into my mind like a fully charged locomotive whistling: “You’re forgiven! You’re forgiven!…. Completely, totally wonderfully forgiven, and NOW you can FiNALLY forgive others as you have been forgiven!” Hallelujah!

A couple of nights ago I had a dream, and the only thing I remember is in the END of it, there was a little girl with two Dalmatian puppies in her arms. A Dalmatian is also known as a “coach-dog,” and I believe that little girl (the child we’re becoming) is coaching us right into perfection…. even the WONDER OF PERFECT LOVE!

So when anyone says: “Say WHAT!?,” ya gotta’ tell them that PUPPY LOVE is at the door,…. even the Kingdom of God!

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