We Got What It Takes

The Lord said: “Stem the tide!” and I saw the ocean’s tide coming in a more dramatic way than normal. “I can’t hold it back,” I replied, and then with sternness in His voice, He rebuked me, saying: “I SAID: ‘Stem the tide!”

Whew! Our God has given us the power to stop hindrances and destruction….Yay! We have power over ALL the works of the enemy, but sometimes we don’t recognize who or what the enemy is,…. like who would have thought it was Satan speaking through Peter when he said: “Far be it from you Lord!”? Jesus plainly revealed that treasuring the things of this world WAS OF THE DEVIL! I believe that the tide represents the five senses and the emotions that come with them, and indeed, we have to recognize what we’re dealing with and stem the tide.

When I woke up from a nap this afternoon, I found myself crying out: “Validate me Lord!” I didn’t know that was what I needed until those words came bellowing out. I searched on the internet to get a deeper understanding of “validation,” and was surprised to read that “everything a man does is a search for validation. It is not a question “if” a man is searching for validation. The question is ‘where is he seeking it from?’ (connectedtogether.org)…. When Christ is all we have, we have ALL we need!” Oh yes: THERE was my answer in a nutshell,…. even a blog shell.

I love the song “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,…. especially the lyrics: “Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of this earth shall grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” That’s just what I did tonight as I prayed with a friend for us to have victory over our emotions. Oh the goodness of God, Who answers the prayers of His children and gives us our heart’s desires! As we prayed, a vision came of little white bells ringing in the sky…. even the bells of holiness.

So precious brethren, if you’re needing validation tonight, know as you look to Jesus, that not only bells are gonna’ ring for you: You’re gonna’ hear the Lord’s whistles, too,….

because you gotta’ know you’re beautiful!

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    • Amen! Amen! AMEN‼️Even rainbow light (the sevenfold Spirit of God.) Sherry, you might already know this, but in case you don’t: The seven spirits of God correlate with the seven colors in the rainbow: red: the spirit of understanding, yellow: the spirit of wisdom, orange: the spirit of counsel (when wisdom and understanding are combined, you get counsel…. when red and yellow are combined, you get orange, neat, eh?, blue: might, green: knowledge, purple: the fear of the Lord, white: the Spirit of God (purity.)
      The sword is bringing forth the star…. even the daystar rising in our hearts with the sevenfold spirit of God. 🌈❤️🦋Hallelujah‼️

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