What Are You Looking At?

We don’t know what’s in us until the Lord shows us, eh? This morning I got in touch with a sadness I’ve been feeling…. one that my heart tells me that I shouldn’t have, but there it was like a broken wing on a bird that couldn’t fly. I’m a person who always says to the Lord: “Where are we going with this?” and just now, the thought came: “To the abyss!”…. to the “beast that is, was and is not.” Oh my, huh? In his book “Armageddon and Mystery Babylon,” Preston J. Eby wrote: “The abyss is the lowest realm, unseen and unknown by the mind of man….. a dimension of man’s being which is not a result or manifestation of anything else, but so deep within us that it is indeed the secret and hidden root and cause of all that pertains to the natural man.”

So now YOU’RE the one asking: “Where are we going?” This morning, the Lord showed me a thought that was connected with the sadness I was feeling. You, too, may have had it in your heart, or may even have it now. King David sure did when he numbered the people, and what trouble it brought to him and to God’s people! Oh brethren, we’re looking at the wrong thing when we’re gazing at numbers, and it grieves God because we’re not valuing what He values when we do.

It’s okay to look at what writings have ministered to people, or what the countries our readers are from, but we can not judge the value of our writings by how many people are viewing them or by the comments we get or don’t get. My fig leaf got blown off by the vision I had this morning, as I saw Marilyn Monroe with her arms around me saying: “Poor baby!” Uh oh! My number was up!

Marilyn Monroe, who was America’s idol that had the attention of millions, and what did it get her? It was said that she committed suicide and that’s what we do when we lose sight of what really matters, which is living to please God. The praise of men…. even and maybe especially of believers is not a gauge of our worth. When Rick Joyner was in heaven, he was shocked by the ones God deemed worthy of honor with a street person being one of the greatest of them. Oh there are jewels in the rough among us and we don’t have eyes to see them. 

Don’t you know that we are ALL poor babies when our thinking isn’t God’s,….. when the world standards are ours? It’s not by chance that Marilyn’s name has the meaning of “bitterness” and that its spiritual connotation is “sacrifice of praise.” Monroe means “from the hill”…. “from the red marsh,” but the spiritual connotation (that which is produced when the inherent qualities are overcome) is “trusting.” She has a message for us…. even truth that will comfort us when we realize how poor we are, because it’s then we can become rich. 

So what can I say now, but “Stat checkers beware: Your numbers are headed toward the abyss!”

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