Cotton Pickin’ Good

In the middle of the night in a half sleep/half awake state, I had a vision of a large tree with many branches and I heard the question: “Will there be cotton between the branches?” I responded with my usual “Huh?” and then went back to sleep. 

This is the dream that followed: I was talking to a blogger whose blog name was “In My Father’s House,” but in real life, the name of Barbara’s blog is different. I told her that I had a few relationships that had not yet been reconciled, but that I had good will toward them and wished them no harm. I can’t remember what was said afterwards, except that it had to do with looking to God for the restoration of broken fellowship. Afterwards when I was singing in tongues, these English words came in the midst of them: “A turnover is coming.”

Oh brethren, this is not the time to have cotton in our ears. The Lord has made it known that He wants there to be harmony and great love in the relationships of His people, longing for “high cotton” (the best of times, a time of well being) for us. The unity of His people is imperative for the Kingdom of God to be established on earth, and it’s going to be done by cotton pickers,…. even those who pick up on God’s call to cotton up to (to like, approve, and accept) one another. “Cotton on to” means to “fully grasp, realize or understand something,” and oh, how we need to understand each other and the situations we’re in.

The tree, the meaning of Barbara’s blog, her name and its spiritual connotation give some clues as to how harmony and understanding can come: Our Father’s House has many dwelling places in it, but it is ONE house, and His will is not only that we love one another, but that we love strangers, and yes, especially our enemies. Do we? Is that why the question was asked “WILL there be cotton between the branches?”

Barbara’s name means “stranger” and her spiritual meaning is “purchased.” We are brethren, are we not?, but how is it that many of us have become strangers to each other? Have we forgotten that we have been purchased by our Lord’s precious blood? Have we forgotten that a family tree has ALL the names of the family members on it?

In my dream I told Barbara that I had a good will and that I wished no one harm, and truly that what’s needed, but now there has to be a cottoning up. If there isn’t, we’re going to end up in “low cotton” (depressed,) because our joy comes when we walk in truth and love with each other.

I think of Job and how before he could come into “tall cotton” (on easy street,) he had to pray for his friends. I have to admit that while I’ve prayed for those who have been estranged from me, I haven’t prayed fervently for reconciliation to take place. In all honesty, I question how it even could be possible.

God’s a miracle worker, eh? Our part is to be willing and obedient, and He said that in the day of His power, we would be. I smile now because just a few hours ago, I had a vision of the Lord with a large comb in His hand using it to get knots out of my long hair. I didn’t know what the vision meant then, but the light came on just now: Hair represents power, and God is working to straighten things out so that His power can flow unhindered through me.

My part and your part is simply to surrender, eh? and then we’ll be singing’: “Summertime and the livin’ is easy./ Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high!” Oh yes, we’ll be high in the Spirit and fish will be jumping into the fellowSHIP of love, so come on: We know what it takes to put between the branches of our Family Tree now.

It’s time for our “come union” to have some sweet cotton candy!

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  1. I love this!! 💕I feel as you do regarding my estranged family, but I really do want to be reconciled. I am willing, although they are not. It’s time to pray fervently for grace and reconciliation. God can do it!!💕

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    • Bless you and thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me with your comment. I picture the Lord’s hands clapping because of the readiness of your heart to respond, and the thought also came that when a teacher claps his hands, it’s a command for attention. Oh yes, the Lord, their teacher, is going to get your family’s attention through your prayers!! …. May the spirit of repentance and reconciliation do a mighty work!

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  2. What an interesting dream and so truthful! We definitely must pray for the lost and learn to live unconditionally as Christ did. What a wonderful dream message!

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    • Thank you dear Robin. This comment means a lot coming from you. I love dreams and the knowledge and wisdom He has revealed through yours have richly inspired me and the body of Christ. Daniel just popped into my mind as I wrote this.
      God bless you Robin/Danielle.

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