A Miraculous Endeavor On The Rise

“Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the dead?” (Acts: 28: 8)

“Trampled Under” has a story to tell: This one listened to only what she wanted to hear. She was the King’s daughter alright, but her mother “Nonchalant” was a prostitute, but not an ordinary prostitute. This harlot mother didn’t go with every man. Only the ones who had extravagant wealth had her “favors,” and no one but them knew of her activities. “Nonchalant” had acquired much wealth by the time she met the King, feigning herself to be a princess from a far away country, even an heiress to great riches. Because she was so beautiful, charming, wise and dressed with elegant taste, she beguiled the King who had not learned that outward appearances could be deceiving. Since this deceiving one used the letter of God’s Word in a pretense to be godly, he was doomed,…. and so was she!

“Nonchalant” was coy, stirring great lust in men, and all who lived in the “Kingdom of Wanton Lust” secretly desired her. How she loved having their attention and was very discreet with those who she committed adultery with, making sure she had material to blackmail them with, so none would dare to expose her when her flings with them were over.

This cheating wife prostituted herself through out many years never having a twinge of conscience about what she had done. Her mother had been that same way, and she had expected that her daughter would follow in her footsteps, but not so. “Different,” as she was called by her little nanny named “Righteous,” was indeed different because this godly one had trained her in the way to go-…. God’s way. And oh, what a tumult came in her life when she became of age, able to discern good and evil. Little did she know until then that in the Kingdom of “Wanton Lust,” she would not be able to survive, even though she was the King’s daughter.

It was true that the King loved her deeply, but alcohol and lust ruled him, so on the day, “Nonchalant” whispered a lie in his ear about “Different”’s behavior, he believed her. His bondage to her caused him to lose his good senses, and he was willing to do what she asked of him. His adulterous wife now having been overcome by indifference which caused her conscience to be seared by a hot iron, was no longer nonchalant in nature. She had become a tyrant who hated her daughter viscously and determined to make an open spectacle of her.

“Treachery,” as she was now called, had the king’s consent to do whatever she wished with their daughter. The evil one planned a party and entertainment for everyone in the kingdom, and when it was at its height, even a drunken orgy, it was time for the “show.” “Get the beast,” she screamed, and had the princess put in the middle of the public arena with a very, very ferocious bull. The people, even in their drunken state, were aghast because even though “Different” was not like them, they had come to respect and love her for her kind and gentle ways, but none said a word… All were compliant, as always, with the King and Queen’s wishes.

The princess had had a visitation the night before her coming death in which an angel called “Miraculous Endeavor” appeared, saying: “Fear not! You shall be trampled down, but I shall be with you and your name, your life and the kingdom shall be changed when you rise from the dead…. and yay, you shall indeed rise.” That was all he said. The perplexed one had no idea of what she was to face until she stood in the “Arena of Life” with the bull of “Destiny,”…. even “Death” coming charging down hard on her.

Miraculously, all fear had lifted off her, and she, the “Daughter of Zion” was a willing sacrifice, just like the faithful, glorious One before her, the “King of the Jews and of all the World.” Yes, she had been trodden under, but “Miraculous Endeavor” was with her, and after three days she arose to take the “First Dominion of the Kingdom To Come.”

Don’t you KNOW?: “Trampled Under” is YOU,… She’s me,… She’s the “Elect” affected by that Great Harlot, Babylon, and under her foot, but hallelujah! We’ve been ordained to never be trampled under again after the third day,… after we’re dead to the flesh, to Babylon’s rule, to the world’s rule and to the devil’s rule. Then we’ll ALWAYS recognize our Father’s voice and do what He shows us. Then that wicked Harlot who was our untrue mother shall be no more. Then the kingdoms of this world shall be the kingdoms of our Lord, and we shall proclaim:

Christ is risen in us! Oh, what a glorious day that shall be!

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