The Way To Go

The one who was to be heralded as queen in the land of “Victorious Living” was hardly that. She was bent over, unable to see the sun of righteousness shining on her because a wide heavy, black metal collar was around her neck, and what was attached to the rod on it was like an umbrella that covered more than her head. It not only blocked out the sun’s rays, the weight of it was so heavy that she could hardly walk. This imprisoned one bore the name “Unaccepted” which was chosen by her step father “Adultery.” He despised her from the moment he laid eyes on her, and was the one who changed her beautiful name “Pearl,” and her mother “Beauty”’s name also was changed to “Betrayer.” Oh how marriage to “Adultery” had changed everything, and had imprisoned her from the day she was led astray by him.

Although the collar was not on “Unaccepted”’s neck during her childhood, when she turned thirteen years old, it appeared, being very thin, at first. “Unaccepted” was never taught the ways of the Lord, so sinning was a way of life for her. How she wanted a sense of belonging and searched for love everywhere, but never could find it. Consequently her will and lust became joined as one and the choking collar became bigger and bigger over time.

It was ordained by the Most High God that when sin rose to its fullest extent, the “Rod of Correction” would be used to do its work. Hence, the neck of man would bend after the rod’s purpose was accomplished. Every man and woman would have the prisoner’s collar around their necks and know the power of the rod that came with it, but each in their own time… even “Adultery” and “Betrayer” would eventually come to know it. But it was “Unaccepted” who was to be the first of the firstfruits to know her liberty, and become known as “The Accepted and Beloved One,” having the “Pearl of Great Price” as her reward.

Now to all you who were conceived in sin: Do you know that the story of “Adultery”, “Betrayer” and “Unaccepted”’s is ours?…. NOT literal adultery, although it may be that for some, but spiritual adultery. How long will it be before you, and I, and those called to be “One” finally know that adultery with the world and its ways change all of us? Oh hallelujah that the rod of correction is doing its work, even now! Truly, the natural man is unacceptable to rule in the Kingdom… ONLY a fully transformed man is. As sure as “peace was created before ever our war was” (Odes of Solomon 8: 8), our rebellious will shall change in due time, because the spirit of the law of life is destined to set us free from the law of sin and death. Thank God!

I recently cried out: “How long, Lord? How long before I become obedient to your every movement, every word and every command? How long before I am totally one with you Father, and have YOUR name and YOUR glory as my own?” The Lord’s immediate and simple response was: “Be still and know that I am God.”

I was led to read a writing that I had forgotten even existed, and in that message called “In Spirit,” Charles Bernardi wrote: “I am calling to speak TRUTH, not just smooth things.” That is OUR calling, too, eh? This transparent man of God shared: “The ‘Born-Again’ experience was mine in 1933; The Baptism of the Spirit Holy in 1954, but, in 1967, a most shocking THIRD experience utterly changed my ways. The Lord spoke to me by His Own Mouth that I was weighed in the balance and found wanting with respect to being a TRUE WORSHIPER. (John 4: 24) I had served for 35 years with never-failing zeal. I walked, talked, and proclaimed the Saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, never growing cold at any time. As to the Scriptures, I had memorized the greater part of them, laboring day and night to observe all things whatsoever. (Matthew 28: 20) thinking that this alone ought to suffice to be the Whole of the matter. (John 5: 30) Now, with all this, That BLESSED ONE told me that I really did not Know Him. (Philippians 3: 10)

Then the Lord told this brother that “MIGHTY MINISTRY, POWER, AND LOVE ARE CONTINGENT ON MIGHTY INTIMACY,” followed by the stinging words: “Doest thou believe that which I have spoken? Then DO IT! Enter into thy closet, even in Prayer Before Me, else thou dost make ME to be a dead idol, and not THE LIVING GOD!”

Whew! How many of us have made our God to be a dead idol, knowing so little of BOSOM DWELLING? The Lord told this brother that “HERE (in Spirit intimacy,) and here alone, is the Birth of POWER in its embryo state.” In Isaiah 30: 15, it states: “Thus saith The Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: ‘In returning and REST shall ye be saved; in QUIETNESS and in confidence shall be your strength.” No wonder we have such little power, and no wonder God’s word to me was to “BE STILL and KNOW.”

The day before receiving this instruction, the English word “gladiator” came while praying in tongues, and it caused me to realize that we are in a fight to the death,…. even the death of the soul’s rule us. So off I went to battle thinking I had to do a lot of praying, taking authority and making decrees, but God’s word to me was to be still, not to fight using elementary principles. Being still doesn’t mean that there are no decrees to be made, or that there’d be no travailing in the Spirit, but everything that is to be done is to come forth out of a place of rest in Him, not out of form. How many are following forms, rituals and traditions making the Word of God to no effect?

The scripture I love so much and cleave to with tenacious faith is: “The sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings.” (Malachi 4: 2) Oh brethren, it is not acceptable that we’ve not manifested our healings that the Lord bought for us at great price, and that we don’t have the power of healing and miracles operating all the time in our lives. But now that we know the “way to go,” the “REST” is at hand, ….

even the rest of the story that ends with “Victory in Jesus”! Oh what GREAT victory that is!

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