Destiny Is Calling You

“Amore destiny, Shulamite woman, and Enoch door” came while I was singing in tongues this morning. Did the Lord use the french word “amore” (love) because love is like a foreign language that has to be learned to be understood? I don’t know, but I do know that both the Shulamite woman and Enoch are examples of the destinies that are to be ours. The name “Shulamite” has the meaning of “peaceable, perfect and that recompenses” and Enoch’s etymology is “dedicated, trained and disciplined” having the words: “Hence also Hanukkah” included with it. Hanukkah or Chanukah is the eight day Jewish festival that commemorates the purification of the Temple, and is a type and shadow of our purification and dedication that fulfills God’s command to be perfect. Just as the light stayed miraculously lit in the Temple long ago, the daystar shall arise in our hearts and NEVER go out. The ones like Enoch and the Shulamite woman who go on into perfection have recompense coming,… even compensation and reward given for the loss or harm they suffered.

Oh brethren, don’t you know that the state of BEing we are coming into… even “Love’s Destiny” will make up for all the tears of a lifetime? God’s living presence fully manifested,….. His light,…. His joy,…. and HIS GLORY shall be OURS when we walk through that “Enoch door” that is about to open. Oh hallelujah! The time is coming and is NOW!

There is another “NOW” at hand also, for those of a different destiny. The Lord said that He is the truth and that it is the knowledge of the truth that sets us free, so therefore, we are not to be silent on any matter that affects the souls and lives of others. What if those who were aware of what was going on in Nazi Germany had had the courage to speak up? What a different outcome there would have been then!

This morning before getting out of bed, I heard the name “Nuremberg” and immediately the Nuremberg war time trials came to mind. Two days ago I watched a video of a Covid hearing in a European Parliament in which Pfizer’s president of international markets, Janine Small, admitted that the vaccine had NEVER been tested on preventing the transmission of the virus BEFORE it entered the market. Robert (Rob) Roos, a member of the parliament who is from the Netherlands, asked her the question if it had been tested. Her answer was “NO”! Scroll down to the second video, to see it for yourself.

The following account has a detailed writing along with the video that I’m including as a second witness for verification. 

I believe that the reason I heard the Spirit say “Nuremberg” this morning is that this horrendous criminal act is going to be brought to light and become as well known as the Nuremberg trials. It’s clear now that indeed these shots are not vaccinations as they do not stop the spread of disease. Instead there have been deaths, loss of jobs, loss of reputations and terrible side effects resulting in life long agony and hardship because of the lie parading as science, and because of unconstitutional mandates. I pray that you get this video out and cry aloud so that the enemy’s jabs will be no more!

Yay! It’s time for us to give truth serum to the world and for our “Amore-destinies” to be fulfilled!

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