Who We Are

While singing in tongues this morning, English words came over and over and over again, not from my mind, but from the Spirit: “I am that I am!” I sang. “I am that I am! I AM THAT I AM!” What could be more wonderful than bearing this name of our Father?

I can’t tell you how many times a dear 98 year old friend of mine has told me to just “BE”!…. Possibly hundreds, as I’ve known this dynamite, sharp-minded, spirit-filled BEing for more than thirty years. Yoni lives alone in a house she owns and does everything by herself, except for heavy house cleaning and driving a car. All who know her are amazed at her vitality and cheer that expresses itself like a song bird chirping praises to the One Who created her to just BE an expression of Him. Truly, This precious one has been instrumental in my journey to become comfortable in my skin, bearing with me when I was hard on myself and on others, teaching me to be like a little child by her example. Without a doubt, I believe that accepting and loving oneself is probably the biggest feat of a lifetime, because it’s through loving ourselves we are empowered to love our neighbors and are able to enter into rest.

“I AM THAT I AM”: What a name! What a destiny! …. and it’s YOURS, too!

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