Movin’ In the Milky Way

“That’s ME!” I thought when I saw the photo of a cow that looked like she was flirting. I lived next to a pasture years ago when my children were young, and I sang to the neighbor’s cows when they came near the fence. Yep, I did that, and it was sort of flirting with them wanting their attention. Sigh! For a moment…. but only for a moment I seemed to have it. They had grass on their minds!

That photo with the adorable cow’s face made me think of how needful “attention” is to EVERYTHING in this life…. Puppies, people, the computer, food cooking on the stove, the grass growing high, keeping our checkbooks balanced, the water running in the bathtub, warning signs in our bodies, directions for putting something together, things that need repair, signs on the road, and so much more: What doesn’t need attention? I talk to my plants, and I know that I know THEY know they’re getting blessed. I feel God’s Spirit when I do it, and they do, too, but I wonder how many of us pay attention to what’s around us, much less talk to what or who we see?

I felt sad today when I realized that there are many in this world who are deemed unworthy of attention because they don’t fit in society’s box. They need a “Hey!” or two, just like the cows need hay. Truly, everyone needs a kind word of encouragement, and we’re the “udder” ones God has in mind to utter it to them. The symbolic meaning of a cow is “nurture, family and community,” and we’re to chew the cud, thinking about making a difference in people’s lives. We have milk (words of life, light, and love) to give them, and it’s time for some flirty, utter the Word cows to get their attention!

So come on! Let’s give ‘em our best “Come hither look” with twinkles in our eyes of understanding, and let them know God has green pastures for those who don’t fit in this world,… that they are loved and accepted of the Beloved…. and by us.

Ya gotta know that THAT’s when there’s gonna be a whole lot of “Holy Cows”!

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