I Gotta Question For You

All of my Christian life I have heard that it’s wrong to judge a person,…. that we must only judge actions, not people. Those of you who have read my posts know that I’ve believed this to be true, and that I also perpetuated this teaching, but I gotta ask: How come Jesus and Paul didn’t believe and practise this? Just what was Jesus doing when He said that He had chosen twelve and one of them was a “devil”?…. Was He just judging actions when he told the Pharisees of His day that they were “hypocrites” and “white washed tombs”? Are these words not indictments against the “people” that these accusers and condemners were? The Lord saying that Judas was a devil was NOT about his actions, but about his very being. Isn’t this also true when Paul told Bar-jesus that he was “a child of the devil” and “an enemy”? These words were RIGHTEOUS judgments, my brethren! Contrary to religious teaching, we’re called to make judgments like Jesus and Paul did, but not alone: It’ll be through CHRIST in us making them.

The whole world is moaning and groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, …. even the ones in whom the MANchild is caught up unto the throne. All who are in Heaven and on earth are waiting for the male characteristics of God (boldness and authority…. JUDGMENT) to manifest through us. Do you realize that all of us who fulfill our calling are going to stand on Mount Zion (the highest place in the spirit) and JUDGE the Mount of Esau (flesh)? We will judge by the Spirit having HIS discernment and yes, we’ll be judging actions AND people. It’s when God’s judgments are in the earth that the people will learn righteousness, and they’ll even rejoice because it’s truth (Jesus manifested in and through us) that will set them free.

I heard the word “transient,” and what came to my mind was the state of being in between leaving elementary principles and going on into perfection. I also thought about the cross over time between the church age and the kingdom age. Yes, that’s where we presently are, but shortly, these feet of ours are going to trod down the wicked, and all the hypocrites who are the accusers of the brethren will be made known.

Yay! WE, God’s righteous judges, are gonna call them out. Oh yes, we will!

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  1. We need discretion on our relationships in order to protect ourselves and other innocents. Therefore, yes we are to judge whether someone is wicked or not and take the appropriate actions

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    • Truly discretion and discernment are so needed to prevent us from judging by our carnal, reasoning mind. Thank you Joseph, for taking the time to make this thoughtful comment. Blessings and love,


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