What Has To Go For Our Destiny To Come

When I thought about what I was to write today for this post, I told the Lord: “I don’t want to write my own thoughts. I want to write yours.” As soon as I finished speaking these words, I spoke in tongues and immediately, “Shekhinah ma tana” came. “Shekhinah” is the “presence or manifestation of God,” and “ma tona” means “is coming.”

Later in the day when I sang in the Spirit, I found myself singing: “Abro-destiny …. Abro-destiny for me.” I had received this word a while ago and wrote about it in the post: “Disinherit That One Who Sits On The Throne.” https://ridetheheavens.com/2022/08/10/disinherit-that-one-sitting-on-the-throne/ What was in that writing spoke to me like a mother with her hand on her hip, shouting, “This is important: You gotta get it NOW!” The Urban Dictionary’s meaning of the word “abro” is a “person who lacks self-awareness.” Truly, THAT’s the key that will open up wonders when it’s put in the “Door of Power.”

Oh brethren, the river is gonna flow, our spiritual wings are gonna fly, our feet will dance, our hands will heal the sick…. Yay, we will prophesy effortlessly and cast out demons with ease when we no longer are concerned about what people think and what will happen to us if,… if,….  if!

Little children are not “self”-aware, are they? They are “life”-aware, “love”-aware and “God”-aware.” So if we want to have joy and laughter like they do,…. if we want to ascend into the third heaven,…. if we want to do the works that Jesus did and greater ones,….. and if we want to make our Father proud, it’s time for us to forget about ourselves. Yay, self-awareness has got to go!

“Sona ma tana”! Jesus is coming!!

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