Doing The Flash Dance

It’s a dynamite blast when the Lord rises up in our spirit bringing revelation, and this morning’s word was a flash-blast of joy to me: “Mordecai is here!” He said: “Mordecai is dancing the flash dance!” He’s referring to the essence of Mordecai manifesting with startlingly light and power in me and in you. What could express happiness and celebration more than dancing feet that are alight with God’s light?

I believe Mordecai represents “selflessness” more than anyone else in the Old Testament. Everything he did was for the people of God and without him, they would have perished. He raised the one who would sit on the throne, and ones like him are here NOW in the spirit of those who minister to the Bride of Christ, not seeking their own glory.

The command of the Lord is to raise up disciples to do the work of the ministry. So many ask: “What is my purpose? What has God called me to do?” and Mordecai has the answer. “Love and build up the body of Christ: Feed them with what you’ve learned, pray for them, encourage them, and be there when they need help.” How many know that their success is our success?

I presently am doing a flash dance because of a penpal prisoner I am in communication with who’s walking in humility. God said that David was a man after God’s own heart and I believe one of the main reasons was he was quick to repent. The Lord plainly relayed that His ways and thoughts aren’t ours, and THAT means a whole lot of repentance needs to take place in all our lives. It requires long-suffering and patience, which I believe are the last fruits to ripen in our Christian walk. We must change the poopy diapers of new believers, walk out the terrible twos with them, and even harder than that, the terrible teens. Who will bear with young believers until they mature?: Ah! The ones who are like Mordecai will!

I didn’t know that that there could be joy in having a ministry of “reproval” until now in my senior years. Truly, God makes Himself wonderfully known through one who speaks in love to those who need correction, and what great joy He has when his children receive reproof in humility. Hear it: When God’s judgments are in the earth the people rejoice, and it’s through God’s matured ones that corrective judgments are made.

I have to admit to you that far too long I have been offended by the wrongdoings of Christians, never, NEVER thinking of them as being opportunities to bring God glory. Oh brethren, it’s time to start shouting “Grace, grace, grace to the headstone!” It’s time to do the flash dance instead of tripping over stumbling stones. We have light to give to erring ones, and we can do it with grace. It’s not by chance that my dear brother is in a prison called “Graceville Facility.” Oh yes, grace is going to facilitate in more than reforming him, and all of us as well, who are being set free from sin. I am watching this precious brother being TRANSformed by God’s love and grace. He has a testimony! We have a testimony! Oh yes we are Mordecais in the Spirit who have the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ,….

even God’s flash dancers lighting up the world!

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