Get Ahead

We’ve got buildings in our minds Satan constructed that need a demolition squad to come tear down…. They are like huge cell towers that transmit information, mixing and contaminating the truth with falsehood. Truly, tradition’s teaching are like detour roads that lead us astray in the opposite direction of our destinies.

We read in the Bible that the strength of sin is the law, but do we KNOW this, or do we just give mental assent to it not realizing we’ve made law a high tower in our minds that sends out its signals continually? Error has been at work through what far too many of us have been taught, and only yesterday did I become aware of the wrong thinking that’s been in my religious psyche. Since the 1980’s until now, this Empire building has kept me from experiencing coming into perfection, and most likely, many of you have had an Empire State build-up in you, too, but Hallelujah! NOW is the day that all the false teachings we’ve believed are being exposed and coming down. The angels with their life-giving messages have been sent forth like demolition squads to destroy the “tare” teachings that have stripped us of the glorious garment of truth that was to have clothed us. Truly, many have been naked like the Emperor who walked around in broad daylight without a stitch of clothing on and didn’t know it.

The following dream was given to me two nights ago that gave me “the picture” to see my condition: I was scrambling to take my things out of a bathroom where I had just showered, and afterwards I was headed on my way to another bathroom. I was naked except for an article of clothing I had in one hand that I used to cover my private parts. I had other things in my left hand as I walked through a public place that looked like a wide hallway which had a few people strolling through it. One person picked up an item that I dropped and gave it back to me. It was 6:30 p.m., but I didn’t have much time left to get ready. 7:00, the time of perfection came to mind.

When I prayed in the Spirit after waking up, I heard the English words: “A Reuben-door today.” The name “Reuben” means: “Behold a son!”…. “to see, to understand + son,”…. “Son of vision,”…. and “Son who is seen.” Reuben was Jacob’s firstborn son by Leah who called him this name “Because,” she said: “Yahweh has looked upon my affliction.”

Oh my brethren, coming into perfection means we will be the firstborn in the kingdom having been totally cleansed….In my dream, I had been washed clean in the first bathroom’s shower, but I still had more cleansing to do which was depicted by my “headed” toward another bathroom. There a shower head would be used to pour down the washing of water by the Word. (Ephesians 5: 26) Hallelujah! I and all others who shall be cleansed will finally rise up into “the Head” after this. The word “Reuben-Door TODAY!” means that our going through to perfection is happening on THIS day, not a distant one in the future. Oh hear it: We shall have ALL our afflictions healed.

Six is the number of “man” and thirty is the number of “dedication…. It also is the blood of Christ, and as we know, “redemption” comes through the BLOOD of Jesus. Look at how the number ten which represents the law, and the number twenty signifying redemption put together, equals thirty. The price of redemption from the law was paid for by the blood of Christ-…. even the precious blood that was sold for thirty pieces of silver.

Now, I want to talk to you about what that “article” of clothing with which I covered myself represents: For months I have been crying out to God: “What is the difference between the law of blessing and cursing and reaping what we sow?” I asked others, and no one I knew had the answer, but thank God, a man I never heard of did and revealed it in an ARTICLE” that I read yesterday. https://wavenunnally.com/2020/08/19/generational-curses-the-sins-of-generational-curse/ Now I’ve got that piece of clothing firmly covering my naked private parts, all who shall see me henceforth, shall know I’m covered and no longer under a curse…. Hear it: No blood bought child is!!!! We are NOT under any generational curses because Jesus bore them and took them ALL away when He died for us.

Judgment comes to the house of God to CORRECT us, NOT curse us. When God’s judgements are in the earth, the people will learn righteousness and they will REJOICE. It’s true that the sins our ancestors committed, our sins and those of others affect us….Yes, we have negative learned behavior that comes from the examples and teachings of our ancestors, but through the Holy Spirit’s light and through the Word of God and His power, our minds get renewed and demons get kicked out. We get changed during this process and WE ARE BLESSED! The Bible says that “ALL things work for the good for those who love God and the called according to the will of God” which is that WE BE CONFORMED INTO HIS IMAGE…. Every loss, every crisis, every trial, and every tribulation is working toward THIS END!

When His will is accomplished, THEN we’ll get ahead,…. even have “A HEAD” that will revolutionize the world and reconcile it back to God. So heads up, my brethren: The blessing is OURS,…. NOT a curse!

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