Reproof’s Call

No one wanted to listen to the one who had God’s message. “We’re free! We’re not under the law! We’re under grace!” they said, so when they were told that they were “liable” their ears were blocked. Alas, “Reproof” had only one friend in the town of “Blocked Hearing” called “Lover of Truth.” Both of them had considered moving to the City of “Listening Ears,” but their Lord let it be known to them that if they left, the people would have no witness, and without witnesses, no one could be saved.

Both “Reproof” and “Lover of Truth” loved their Lord, and because they did, they obeyed all His commands. His highest one to love their enemies burned in their hearts, and they were determined to obey Him no matter what the cost…. And yes, there was a very high price to speak the truth in love.

“Reproof” was continually stoned by those who had hardened their hearts…. Bruises were all over his body, but he, like all the faithful ones before him, worshiped and sang songs to the Lord knowing he was called to suffer for the gospel’s sake, thus bringing much joy to His Lord for his steadfastness. And because of him, “Lover of Truth ” was built up rapidly in faith. Her destiny was that she would reign as queen in the city whose name would be changed to “ Listening Hearts” when she sat on the throne. It would come about when her children “Patience” and “Long-suffering” came of age.

Just before her ascendency to the throne, “Reproof” took her aside and gently gave her one of his hardest reproofs. He knew her heart was tender and that she would receive it, but it was difficult for him to do, because reproofs brought a sting with them, like that of a shot in the arm to cure a sickness. True repentance has a Godly sorrow with it, and “Lover of Truth” always felt deep remorse for the deeds of her flesh even though she knew her flesh was not her real identity. Her sorrow came because she would remember the cross and her Lord hanging on it dying for her sins. “How can I think lightly of them when He paid such a terrible price?” was the thought always in her heart.

The Lord would tenderly console her when she acknowledged her sins spraying her with his lovely fragrance called “The Living Knowledge of The Lord.” I know your heart!” my dearest one, and its beauty lavishes my soul,” He would tell her. Oh the beauty of repentance! Its fragrance to the Lord made His death worth it.

So now, knowing what she had to do, “Reproof” trembled as he approached “Lover of Truth” with the message that would prick her heart deeply. The Lord told her that it had to be delivered in a straightforward manner in order for a deep penetration of its working power to take place…. It was the message every believer in Christ had to eat, digest and assimilate before the crown of life could be theirs. “Reproof” had received the message, so therefore she could deliver it with the power of anointing that would enable “Lover of Truth” to take it as her own.

There was no way this faithful one could sugar coat what she had been given to say, but “Wisdom,” her mother, instructed her to bring a beautiful bouquet of lilies to give to the future queen…They were talking lilies with a silent voice that said: “Purity, shall be yours as you receive ‘Reproof’s words,” and out they came with a thunderous roll… not harsh, but with clarity. “You’re liable, my dear if you do not speak the truth to those who err and are in deception. All of God’s children are liable, but don’t know it until they can bear the weightiness of realizing that having the Holy Spirit in them, they have the responsibility of telling people “like it is!” While you had unhealed wounds, you were not capable of doing this, but you are healed now…. You are the light of the world, and light always exposes the darkness.”

Even though “Reproof knew what “Lover of Truth”’s answer would be, she was compelled to ask the question: “Will you do it?” because commitment from one’s will brought the great seal of redemption with it. So tell me, you who are the beautiful bride of Christ to be His queen: “Will YOU do it?….

Will you fulfill your “Love-Destiny”?

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                                           Hi, Michele! I really like the message of this post…Hannah Hurnard style! I hope you do not mind if I offer some proof reading observations, or my confusion! It seems “Reproof” is a ma


    • Wow Sherry!
      I find myself saying to you what I often say to God: “Huh?” And now I’m adding a “Duh!” I hope to understand what is amiss, but how to fix technical things is a “Yikes!” for me.
      Could you please tell me what led you to write your comment? Was it trouble opening up the site? Is this about the media gif not functioning or looking the way it’s supposed to? My blog was set up by someone who I’m no longer in touch with, and I have very little comprehension of what’s involved technically. I recently wrote about my bare behind showing and here I am scrambling to find something to cover my ignorance again.
      I do appreciate any help I can get, but it’s hard to communicate when technical stuff is like a foreign language I’ve never learned.
      Bless you Sherry for following through on what was shared in this message.
      We all need to learn from each other, eh? I welcome your input and hope I can comprehend the way to glorify God in making whatever changes need to be made. Thank you for caring enough to try to help me.

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      • Wow, Michele! I’ll join you in wondering what that tech confusion says! I sent a reply to your emailed post, rather than on the post site itself. Sorry for the oops! Here is what I originally wrote:
        Hi, Michele!
        I really like the message of this post…Hannah Hurnard style!

        I hope you do not mind if I offer some proofreading observations, or my confusion!

        It seems “Reproof” is a male character, and “Lover of Truth” female. In the sixth paragraph onward it looks like “Reproof” is referred to as “she.” Am I reading that as you intended? Somehow it seems the pronouns became mixed, both characters now female.

        Anyway, it jumped out at me, so thought I would mention it. I hope you will feel free to “reproof-read” me, too! 😊

        Blessings all ways!
        Sherry 💞💐

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  2. Okay I love this , i guess we still have to willingly take reproof’s advice, i wouldn’t give an answer fast either, it’s hard to speak the truth when so many around don’t agree. Thankyou 🙏 Ooh and i had never thought of knowledge as a fragrance 😇

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    • Truly, it is wisdom to be slow to speak and I praise God that you aren’t someone to give an answer too quickly, Emily. God has done a precious work in you.
      There’s quite a difference between having just the knowledge and having the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you have the fragrance because you walk in purity, the most precious scent of all. It can be discerned in those who love and obey the Lord. 2 Cor. 2: 14-16
      I thank God for you.❤️

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