Yikes! Not Again!

How many humbling experiences have you been through? If you’re like me, you’ve had lots and lots of them, and they still come like naked streakers running, waving, and shouting: “It’s me again!”

It’s true that “It’s no longer I, but Christ!” who lives, but then there’s that other guy who shows up that we thought was dead. Yes, the old man (the old nature that delights in sin is dead,) but the flesh- THAT guy that isn’t who we are, sure isn’t. He’s that “flasher” who exposes his nakedness every time he shows up. We’re called to die daily,… to wait on the Lord, …. and to put on the whole armor of God, but if we don’t, at best, we’ll be found in our pajamas. And some of our pajama bottoms don’t cover our cracks falling low on our behinds if the elastic is loose-…. yay, when we lose our elasticity. I call it mooning a quarter of a moon, but there’s hope!: I heard the Spirit of God say: “Shadows are turning!”

So how do we respond when things aren’t going right, eh? In searching for more understanding about “shadows,” I learned that they are representations of “darkness, ignorance, and unbelief…. afflictions, doubts and fears.” (Gill’s exposition of the Bible) Do you have any of these? Sigh! That streaker “mooned” me recently while I was working on a technical problem. I’m sure each WordPress agent assigned to help me with my blog was happy that the task of resolving the problem was passed on to the follow-up agent. My face blushed bright red along with my bare behind in an even brighter color over the number of communications that had to be made before resolution came. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Jesus that you are a fixer of problems!

I don’t like admitting this, but fear, presumption, and confusion came with a dumb, dumb bell when the streaker showed up. By mistake I had partially set up another site when I downloaded WordPress’s App. on to my iPhone and several complications resulted due to it. After much hassle, I thought everything had been finally fixed, but when I logged into my account, the words: “There is no valid WordPress site at this address” showed up like a fire truck blaring its siren. I had more than an “O.M.G.!” moment. Thinking my blog was gone, I lost it (it, being the mind of Christ) and sharpness, like a woodpecker’s ratta tatting unpleasant sound, accompanied the words I typed in my text. As it turned out, my blog was still intact, and with more than a sigh, God had me make the best ever humble pie with His own recipe called “Meekness of Spirit.” I let everyone of WordPress’s representatives know that I was appreciative of their hard work, time and patience in getting the problem fixed, and wrote: “I thank God and pray for His grace and wisdom to prevail in all communications made in the future. I sure need it, and I’m sure many of you that have worked on this problem with me are saying a hearty “Amen!” Bless you. Humbly, Michele

Oh God is soooo good! The representative whose name was Louinel wrote back: “Thank you for these amazing words. It was a pleasure for our team to assist you!” Oh my! “Pleasure”?! Now I was saying: “O.M.G.!” with joy! You who have been reading my posts, know how names are “my thing,” so look here: Louinel’s means: “seriousness, thought, intuition, intent, and wisdom.” Oh yes, that’s what each of us shall have when that troublesome streaker is utterly and finally subdued.

Indeed, shadows shall not just be turning: They’ll be fleeing away, ….gone with the wind!

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