Becoming At Ease

When I went to bed last night, I told the Lord that I wanted to be at “ease,” and  asked in faith for His help. I confess that one of my biggest challenges is when something goes wrong with anything that has to do with technology. The Lord hears more than “Yikes!” and “Huh?” then. As most of you know I’m big into names, and the internet being called the “web” should have perked up my  spiritual antennae. Yes, God has used, and is using it as a net to draw us together, so please don’t misunderstand me: I’m not saying it’s all bad. However, in regards to the web and my “computing-mind,” my hardware needs repair and I need some new programs downloaded so I don’t lose my documented words and wits.

I’ve always been a strong believer that ALL things work for the good for obedient lovers of God, and now I’m including patient lovers of wisdom. Truly, when we ask for wisdom, when we ask for help, and when we ask for protection, He answers us,…. although sometimes, it seems initially we get the opposite of what we’ve requested. 

Remember that I asked for “ease”? Hah! The dream I had was not a sedative, nor what took place today a bed of roses without thorns, but God is true to His Word, and I’m calling forth the things that are not as though they are: I’m cool and I got my wits, like writs from heaven established on earth! So be it!

Now my dream: I was in an apartment working on a computer that had a printer alongside it. All of a sudden, that printer went crazy, looking like a wheel rapidly whirling out sheets all over the place, and I didn’t know how to stop it. The room was so dark I had to feel my way to find the light switch, but I finally was able to turn the light on. 

In the next scene, I went to the door and shouted: “Oh my God!” because it had been totally ripped off. When I woke up, I heard the word: “foul play.” So do you think I was at ease? No, not at first, but I reminded myself and God, too, that I had what I asked for and with some trepidation, wondered what was coming. I didn’t have to wonder for long. 

Most of us have had bogus email messages and ones on messenger telling us that we need to contact companies that we have accounts with because of some made-up lie, and I just delete them without opening them up. Paypal has a policy that when a purchase is made, a code is sent via the phone’s messaging system to verify the person who initiated the transaction is the true one. I chose them over using my credit card for this reason of extra security, but it turned out to be false security. 

I had not purchased anything for $3,832.34 and since a code had never been sent to me about it, I trashed the  message that came in my Email thinking that it was not from Paypal. Well lo and behold, when I went to my account online, that amount was showing in my activity list with the name of Katya Bownas connected to it who was someone I never heard of. Thankfully, it had a minus in front of it signifying that it had been canceled, but when I called Paypal and asked how it was possible that it got through without a code, the representative said that it could happen if someone had my Email and telephone number, and that I shouldn’t worry, because they caught it. Whoa! It let me know their code was worthless. What a wake up call for me: The dream showed that I was “in the dark,” and now I realized that I was in darkness of understanding concerning  the wheels of this world’s systems that were in motion. I was trusting that this company’s security plan could be depended upon, and now I wonder how many other companies are not trustworthy?

We’ve seen banks in Canada, in America and God knows the others that have closed unsuspecting people’s bank accounts making it unable for them to draw out what was rightfully theirs. Oh people of God, seek Him for wisdom on how to protect yourselves and what you’ve been entrusted with for the kingdom’s sake, before it’s too late…. I believe the door of my apartment that got ripped off represents that what I trusted for protection is gone. There is no safety apart from God and from what He shows us.

At this moment I am picturing a soldier saluting His commander-in-chief, and he’s hearing the words: “At ease!” Oh yes, we shall have ease, not dis-ease, when it’s the Lord we seek to please! 

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  1. The Word of God says, “The entrance of your Word brings light and understanding to the simple”. Revelation truly gives us light in a world where there is darkness and dark schemes. “There is no safety apart from God and from what He shows us. At this moment I am picturing a soldier saluting His commander-in-chief, and he’s hearing the words: “At ease!” Oh yes, we shall have ease, not dis-ease, when it’s the Lord we seek to please! “….You are absolutely right there is only so much we can do to keep our finances and our lives secure but our ultimate security is in the Lord in Him we are assured of safety.

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    • Yes, thank God that the light can be turned on. Dear Jennifer, you are a bringer of light to me by your kind and insightful comments. Thank you for taking the time to bless me. 🌹


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