“Lord,” I said, “are you going to name me your ‘Huh-Girl!”? Even though I’m eighty years old, I still think of myself as a girl, and I believe our Father does, too. I didn’t get a response from Him, but one came into my imagination of a little smile on His face and a pat on my head with Him saying: “It’s okay! At least you’re listening!” Sigh! As of late I’ve been asking “Huh?” like a cuckoo bird popping out of a clock, and now I’m doing it in regards to the word He spoke in the middle of the night, which was: “A christening is coming!” After the “Huh?” a “Yippee!” followed, even though I didn’t know exactly what it meant. I thought a word that has Christ in it has to be good, huh?

I looked up the meaning of “christening” first thing in the morning, and I especially liked the definition: “an act or instance of dedicating something new.” Also, the meaning: “the ceremony of baptism, especially one accompanied by the giving of a name to a child” caused my “Huh?” to change into an “Aha!” The thought came of how when God does something new, He baptizes us into it and we get a new name (nature.) Also, the last meaning of: “a public ceremony in which a new ship is formally named and launched” I found to be relevant.

A memory came back to my mind of a christening of a ship at the dock in New York City. My grandmother was taking a trip to Italy on that glorious ocean liner, and it was an awesome sight for a little girl to see. Christenings are done to commemorate a ship’s “maiden” voyages, and I believe there is going to be an elevation of the female’s role IN the body of Christ in the coming days: It is the daughter of Zion who will be taking the FIRST dominion, and she is not a “literal” female. She’s the fruit of the Spirit’s womb, and who is it but the Bride of Christ, even the New Jerusalem city/church that will be receiving attention and honor.

Then I thought about all the different kinds of ships with championSHIP and fellowSHIP getting my full attention. I believe that the kind of ship written about in the Book of Revelation, the blessed fellowSHIP of brotherly love is a championSHIP and is in the making, here and now. It definitely would be a new thing to be in a body in which everyone was in one mind and in one accord where all were always in the  Spirit, not in and out of it like we hitherto have been, huh? Is THIS what the Lord meant when He said that a “christening is coming”? Christ in us is the hope of glory, but us totally in Him,…. us entered into the rest,…. us having peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost IS THE GLORY.

So it’s not “huh?” that I’m saying now, but instead,…. it’s “uh-huh!” 

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