Take Aim

After responding to a “right-on” comment by a subscriber about not getting caught up in rituals, a surprise word came from the Holy Spirit: He said: “Graduate, (Yeah, He was talking to me): Keep your cap on!” and I pictured my hand on the top of my graduation cap, holding it firmly in place. Yay! I can do it by grace! 

For years I looked at the scripture that says: “The strength of sin is the law” (1 Cor. 15: 56) and said “Huh? How can that be?!” It’s only now that I have learned my lesson,…. actually, a whole bunch of lessons, and finally, the schoolmaster has given me the decree-degree to move on to higher education called “Freedom To Follow The Spirit.” It’s the University with the degrees in the “Law of Love,” in which all the “Firstborn” are professors, and as long as they keep their invisible “right-thinking caps” on, their jobs are secure. 

Take a look at Abraham who is a forerunner: Have you ever asked how he could have followed through in presenting his son as a sacrifice to God? Hey, if he had been under the law, he could not have done it…. “Thou shalt not kill” would have been a huge stumbling block, ….even a boulder on his shoulders weighing him down, and crushing him. But Abraham knew God’s voice, and because He walked intimately with Him, he trusted and depended upon the Almighty One’s love for a good outcome.

Then, there were those during the dispensation of the law, who did questionable things, like Hosea’s marrying an adulterous woman and Ezekiel’s cooking food with human dung as fuel. In the days after the New Testament was given, Peter was given a vision regarding breaking the food laws, and other believers since then, have broken laws under the direction of the Holy Ghost. Nancy Cohen, a fearless minister of God, obeyed our Lord’s voice to go into a Satanic night club during a time when they were all “high” and doing their wicked practices. This one also, was led to go deep into the jungles to minister to head hunters, witch doctors and cannibals, so we can see by these examples that we have a calling that is “shocking” to the natural mind. The ONLY way we are going to do the greater exploits that have been prophesied, is to know God’s leading as they did, and to trust Him completely. 

Brethren, it’s apparent to almost all of us that we are approaching the darkest hours in world history, but how many are ready for this? How many have graduated from elementary things? Oh people, it’s time for all of us to use our swords to cut off carnal thinking and surprise this world and ourselves, too!

I’m expecting to have more than a feather in my cap, and if you’re believing this too, our Commander-in-Chief’s headdress is going to be full of feathers. In the spiritual realm, headhunters who want to cut off our heads will be screaming and running in the other way; there’ll be no chewing us up by cannibals who want to eat our flesh, and every witchdoctor’s curse will fall to the ground. 

So aim high and hold on to your caps, all you who are graduates from elementary things: Perfection is at the door!

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