Get Kickin’

I have given much thought to the words of Paul who said: “I determined not to know anything while I was among you, except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” (1 Cor. 2: 2) I heard “tables” in my tongues and I saw the Lord kicking over many man-made tables, and in their place was a lush green plant that had sprung up quickly. Huge, firm leaves were on it that could hold dinner plates on them, or whatever God’s people desired and prayed for.

Tables are used for various purposes, not just the money-changers’ tables, and “table talk” came to mind thinking about them. If our table talk isn’t of him, our Lord is going to take action, eh? Then I thought of the table of shewbread which represents the presence of the Lord, and how it is on one table, not many, divided separate tables. I see the plant as being representative of “life,-” which God is. Truly, everything we have and everything we eat (what we take in spiritually) is dependent on Him, and on our walking in love and in unity.

I thought of the communion table next, and how many are weak and seek because we don’t discern His body. Truly, our table talk is not of God if we talk about others, holding bitterness and grudges in our hearts against them. And then thoughts came to mind of the world’s tables on which selling and buying what’s not profitable for the kingdom takes place,…. even demons’ tables.

When Jesus kicked over the ones of the moneychangers, He thundered: “My house shall be called a House of Prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!” Can you see how some of these tables that have been mentioned are thieves? It can only be through prayer, and only through knowing Jesus and Him crucified that not just our Lord’s mighty hand will come on the scene,…. but His mighty foot.

So get ready, get ready, you who are the “Feet Company!” Get prayin’ and get kickin’!

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