Left Behind AND Caught Up!

I dreamed last night that I was in the home of my daughter’s friend whose name means “purity,” and she gave me a take-out dinner in a square box. There was only a small amount of food in it, but when I pulled the lid over the bottom part, more food came tumbling out, and there was plenty to eat. My daughter and son-law were in the dream, and Susan told Kelly and Michael that she had dinners for them, too.

In the next scene my daughter’s behind was bare and her husband’s faintly seen in the distance was too. I exclaimed to Kelly: “Your behind is beautiful!”

These are my thoughts about this dream: As most of you know, the beginning of the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles started tonight, and it is yet to be spiritually fulfilled. If not this year, there will be a people caught up to the throne (the place of rulership inside OUR body/temple,) and when they come into the fullness of Christ, even grown up into the head, they will totally rule over everything in themselves. THEN, they will be able to fulfill their calling here on earth. Jesus died on Passover, the disciples were filled with the Holy Ghost on Pentecost, but Tabernacles has not had a witness yet of it being fulfilled, but it could happen NOW during this celebration time. Yes, it could!

I believe that Kelly’s behind and Michael’s reveal what is going to be in the END,…. even something beautiful. Jesus prayed we wouldn’t be taken away, so hear it: Our behinds are going to remain on earth. Proverbs 10: 30 says that “The righteous shall NEVER be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.” In Noah’s day, the wicked were removed, NOT the righteous and THIS is what is going to happen, not the other way around as has been taught in the rapture doctrine. It’s the ones who are left behind who’ll be caught up into the throne which is in heaven WITHIN their temple. The Bible says to come boldly to the throne which plainly tells us is not in a place far away…. How could we come boldly to it if it was? We couldn’t!

My daughter is the fruit of my womb, my natural fruit is a type and shadow of my spiritual fruit, and a husband and wife are one flesh symbolizing the union of the soul (female) with the spirit (male.) Full union with God (The marriage of the Lamb with the Bride) is His spirit and our spirit as one united with our soul. This is God’s destiny for them, for me, and for all who will overcome the world, the flesh and the devil, and PURITY is what provides the spiritual food for us to grow up into the head.

A behind is the back end of a person, and my daughter and her husband’s behinds are types and shadows which convey the message that IN THE END when the Feast of Tabernacles is fulfilled, Christ shall be made BARE (revealed…. uncovered…. unveiled…. manifested in US!!!!! Oh yes, my end,…. my fruit,…. my daughter’s behind is beautiful!

And don’t you know?:…. YOURS is too!

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