No Longer Pressured

“Pressured” lost her given name “Peace” long ago when she allowed the desires of others to rule her. It was not that many of their desires were wrong, but making them her own without checking them with “The Voice Within” was the cause of her many troubles and her losing her name. 

Her name “Peace” was one the greatest names of all on earth for God’s intent is that every man bear that name in the end, for don’t you know?: The end of a perfect man is peace. The life of “Peace” is a sign that all men can be perfect obeying God’s command “Be ye perfect,” but now that her name was changed, she was a sign of just the opposite. Only by entering into God’s rest could her name be regained.

“How can I do it?” she groaned, and as she did, all the earth groaned with her. They could not be freed from their heavy burden until she and others found the way. 

Pressure came on her from all sides… Her mother “Law’s” nagging words of long ago found dwelling places in her, even becoming a great stronghold in her mind that bound her with chains of self doubt and accusation all the time. Between those words and the words of men trying to force her to do what they wanted her to do, how could she ever be free?

An aunt called “Tender Feeling” visited her one day on a very cold morning when “Pressured” was chilled to the bone thinking about her incapacity to do what she wanted and needed to do. How wretched she felt that day. “Tender Feeling” well understood the state of being her niece was in because she had the name “Hard on Herself” before it was changed to the precious one she now bore. It came about because her best friend “Kindness” had such a great impact on her life. Ever since “Tender Feeling” had adopted her friend’s sweet nature as her own, her life’s mission was to help others to learn to be good to themselves.

She gently put her hand on “Pressured”’s shoulder knowing that her hand had the power in it to impart grace to everyone she touched. “Oh my!” “Pressured” shouted. “Sunshine has come into my bones!” Yes indeed, Son-shine had come in and every bone in her body was so happy that the power had come to make them strong and healthy again. 

“Tender-Feeling” smiled at “Pressured” warmly and told her “Now, if you listen carefully, you can learn how to be dead to “The Law.” I know she was your mother and a great school master at that, but now you must become one dead to her voice… A new voice must be heard and followed instead!”

Because of the impartation of grace to “Pressured” that was not coerced by “Tender Feeling,” her ears were immediately opened and her half blind eyes could see clearly. With 20/20 vision recovered, she could see that “The Law” used incorrectly had been her biggest problem.

Realizing that “Pressured” was on her way to getting “IT”- the revelation that Christ was in her and that by faith she could live her life differently, “Tender Feeling” jumped for joy, praising God at the top of her voice. Pressured no more by the law, the Christ seed could grow to full measure now in this one who had been so wretched by all her trying, trying and trying to do what she couldn’t do.

“I see it! I see it!” she cried ecstatically: “I have been under the law all this time not knowing until now that I can’t keep it. The law was given only to show me that I can do NOTHING! Here I have been condemning myself, thinking so little of myself because my flesh is what it is, but I’m not my flesh, am I, dear Aunt?”

Oh how happy “Tender Feeling” was because she had accomplished her mission and could hear all the host of heaven applauding. “Dear, dear “Peace,” your name has been given back to you because you are now identifying with your new nature, not your flesh that is totally incapable of doing anything worthwhile. You shall no longer be robbing God of the honor and glory due him attributing what you do in the flesh to be good. You’ve been given a teachable spirit, little one, and also new eyes to see that the work you shall do from here on shall be through Christ alone!”

After “Tender Feeling” stopped speaking and gushing love all over “Peace,” her hand of grace imparted droplets of dew upon her head. All of heaven stood at attention because the droplets of dew were a sign of the fulfillment of God’s Word come to pass: “Your people shall be willing in the day of your power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: you have the dew of your youth…”Psalm 110: 3

A trumpet then sounded and an angel bellowed in a loud voice to all the inhabitants of the earth: “Behold a new creation: “Peace,” the head, is crowning, coming forth from a new mother…. The old Jerusalem Hagar is no more!… New Jerusalem reigns in “Peace”! Hail the “Mother of All Living!” all you who see this wonder and give honor to Father God for His marvelous work!”

Such a glorious crown was put upon “Peace’s” head. Because the words she would speak and the things she would do would not be her own from henceforth, it was the “Crown of Life” that was given to her. Can you who know the Lord see the words “Glory and honor and praise to God and to Him alone!” written on it?

They will become the words you bear when peace is yours and you come into perfection. Truly, the crown awaits YOUR head, child of the king: Hear, hear, hear!:

Be still and KNOW Peace!

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  1. Boy has pressure been my unwelcome side kick.

    Now, the Lord has blessed me with peace and putting everything in the perspective of Jesus

    Sometimes pressure still sneaks in but The Holy Spirit quickly boots him out

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