Redemption Is At The Door

Poor “Bella”! She felt like a caged animal, with no way of getting free except for a miracle. “Strongman,” who stood nine feet tall, hovered over her little frame and laughed gleefully as he viewed his possession. “Yes, I’ve got you where I want you, my little pet!…. You are mine!” he spoke confidently, not batting an eye.”

“I’m not yours!” she squeaked out in a voice barely audible, shaking all over with fear, but strength came into her when she affirmed. “I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ!” 

“Ha! You are in MY hands, not that One you claim as your Savior…. You have opened a door that invited me in and you’re trapped because of your own doing! Hee! Hee! Hee!” He exclaimed joyfully as he slammed the door shut on her invisible prison cell. The bars were slowly moving in on “Bella” getting closer, confining her more and more, and she realized something had to be done or her life would be squeezed out of her.

Everyone who knew her could not see the portable prison she was in,…. only the pain in her beautiful face. All in the city of “Trapped” were just like her, although most were unaware of their imprisonment because of their having the mind of the world. “Strongman” truly had them, and they gave him much pleasure because they did everything he wanted them to do. “Bella,” however, was different. While it was true that “Strongman” had her bound, her spirit was free. “Strongman” did not know that one of his prison guards was a believer in Jesus Christ and was daily feeding “Bella” the Word of God, and she was getting stronger and stronger. 

“How did I let “Strongman” in?” she pondered over and over again. When this tormented one finally screamed out of the pit of her belly calling out to the One Who had answers, the liberty bell rang in the distance. It was a faint sound, but she heard it and many butterflies fluttered over her announcing “new life.” Two angels were dispatched from heaven at the same time, and one of them that was carrying a torch stood silently before her, while the other one made the declaration: “NOW is your appointed time to be set free from the strongman. It has taken you a long time to realize that in yourself you are powerless….Your pride has been what opened the door to your bondage making an inroad in your life that you didn’t perceive until the “Spirit of Revelation” came to you in your dreams.

“Bella” blushed when she heard the angel’s words for she had just recently become aware of the great pride that had been in her. She had seen how much consciousness of self and love of self she had;…. how she walked in her own ways and spoke the words she wanted to speak, not submitting herself to God;…and how she had to be right, contending with everyone who disagreed with her. Oh yes, pride had found a place in her indeed, but she had confessed her sins and fully repented of them, which is why the liberty bell rang and the angels were sent to assist her.

The angel “Recompense” rejoiced over her humility, and lovingly informed her: “No help could be forthcoming to you to bind the strongman until the knowledge you now have was revealed, and now that you know the truth about yourself, we have been sent to assist you: I am the angel called “Recompensation,” and I and my fellow companion “The Fire of God,” are assigned to help bring you into your destiny. You are a forerunner and your name that means “beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful, and reigning beauty” is to be lived out by you now. Then the angel “Fire of God” gave her his torch saying: “You will not have to fight “Strongman” in yourself, for the “el” (God) in your name/nature will do the work, not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit when you put the flame of the torch in “Strongman”’s face. He shall have to flee, and so it came to pass that she did just as the angel instructed, and lo and behold, “Strongman” not only lost his hold on her, the power of the fire of God stripped him of his power causing him to flee out of the city screaming and cursing.

It was then the angel of “Recompense” blew the trumpet that beckoned everyone in the city to come to behold the “Beautiful One”…. It was not only her time, but the time of “Jubilee” when all who were trapped…. yay, when every wretched man would become wretched no more, because the “Beautiful One” had overcome and held the key to their deliverance.

As she stood before them in the garments of salvation and deliverance, “Bella” announced: “The King who lives inside of me and will be inside of you, shall set you free in the days to come as you learn of Him and obey Him. His kingdom shall reign not only in this city, but in every city of the world and each person and each city will be called by a new name. She stretched out the scepter in her hand and commanded: “Make way for the Lord and be trapped no more!: The name of this city shall be called: “The City of the Redeemed,” and all shall be recompensed for their sorrows and injuries sevenfold!”

As “Bella” finished speaking, the heavens lit up and multitudes and multitudes of angels sang: “All glory be given to God the Father, and to His son Jesus Christ: God reigns, His Bride reigns!”And it was just like the prophets foretold:

The Kingdom of God had come!

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  1. Amen to Bellas salvation. Just as an Angel came to help Bella, so are Angels always around us seeking to help us, I believe. Such a wonderful story.


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