Get Dressed And Be Ready!

When my son was a teenager I blushed at what he chose to wear, not that it was indecent, but plaid shorts and an Hawaiian shirt?: “Yikes!” Yes, I let him go out like that, and pretended he wasn’t my child. Sigh! I had been “Miss Propriety” for too many years of my life!

So is what we wear important? I think that it depends. In my son’s case, it was no big deal (except to a mother’s pride,) because in all things, there’s a learning of what’s good, not so good and what’s bad, and thankfully, eventually my son gained a sense of style. There’s no doubt that the clothing we wear speaks a message, actually several messages, and leaves an impression on people whether we like it or not. Uniforms convey what professions people have, with us instantly knowing what they are by them. Wrinkled, spotted attire or perfectly ironed clothing reveal whether or not a person values cleanliness and looking attractive. We know when someone’s going to a party, when he’s going to the beach, or to a business meeting as clothing relays the various kinds of activities people engage in. So yes, clothing tells much about who we are and what we do.

I still can picture my grandmother’s disgust as she looked at me, her teen-age granddaughter with holes in my sneakers wearing a man’s long dress shirt hanging over my pants (the “in-style” in my day, that was the “out-style” to my Noni.) A woman should look like a beautiful rose,” she lamented, pointing her finger at me: “Not like THAT!” So where am I going with this, huh?

When I woke up after a sound sleep, I heard my Lord shout: “A change of garment!” Immediately I thought of Joshua,….and then a little later, I pictured my Noni on a white cloud, saying: “Thank God!” Oh yes, all who are in past generations, will be rejoicing when we wear the same garment that Joshua had on. The angel announced that his iniquity was taken away which his filthy garments symbolized. Oh people of God, this is the hour that those who have gone on to the other side have waited for… The change of Joshua’s garment is a type and shadow of the Spirit man grown up in us and that the Bride (our soul) has been purified and made ready!!

The lyrics of the song “The US Field Artillery March” came to mind just now in writing this post: “Overhill, overdale, we will hit the dusty trail, as the caissons go rolling along.” Wow! Since a caisson is a chest to hold artillery, I believe the Lord is letting us know that through the change of garment we will be fully armed to go out into the field and defeat the enemy. We have been wanting to see souls come into the kingdom, but the harvest can’t come until the time that the “Body” is washed clean, lips are on fire with God’s Word and we’re dressed “to kill” the flesh that is opposed to God.

Clothing metaphorically is a picture of one’s standing before God. Hear it: A right standing was required to be at the wedding feast, and the man who didn’t have a wedding garment on was thrown out into outer darkness (darkness of understanding.) Truly we must choose the right clothing… yay, we must put on the truth in order to have understanding. So when we have the change of garment, we won’t be like that man at the wedding feast, and one thing is for sure: The Bride of Christ shall not be wearing a tutu! She’ll be decked with majesty, excellency, glory and majesty, and soon,… VERY soon, we’ll be hearing:

“Hear comes the Bride” as we walk down the isle.

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