Going On Into Perfection

“Keep your cap on,” the Angel “First Works” instructed the new graduate with his eyes fixed keenly upon her. Power emanated from this magnificent being with his flashing eyes penetrating light into the depth of her being. It was as though his eyes became her eyes. How alive “Serenity” felt in that moment, ready to fulfill her destiny of being a “Wonder” to the world. 

The name “Serenity” had been given to her after she had finished all her courses par excellence and received her Master’s Degree in Physiology in the “University of Elevated Spiritual Thinking.” Because of the depth of her studious nature and her comprehension of the spirit behind all matter, she was recognized by all, as one of the most outstanding scholars who ever attended the school. She was nicknamed the “Pupil of the Eye,”… for she was recognized as being in the “I Am That I Am” image of her father.  

“Serenity’s” composure was that of a gazelle-…. poised, confident, alert, watchful and peaceful. Anyone who stood in her presence was enveloped in the love, kindness and compassion that perfumed them with a fragrance like no other. It took much, much crushing for her to become a sweet smelling fragrance and to get the victory over *”Impertinence,” the greatest stronghold in her life… Hence,  the name “Temperance” was inscribed on her overcomer’s crown. It was during one of her anatomy courses that a class action was made, and a ruling came down with the judgment that her mind was to be divided no more. Oh the power of one mind and body parts joined together in love. Yes, this one had become a very learned magna cum laude graduate!

The Angel “First Works” took “Serenity” firmly by the hand bringing her way, way up to an inner/outer world called “Far Seeing.” “From here you shall have a clear seeing of what takes place on the earth,” the angel enlightened her. “You must always see the inner essence of a thing before you take action, for it is only as you look from above that you can know the truth about anything. I, “First Works,” am called to be an example of good works to you, but my most important role is to lead you into a deeper comprehension of who you are so that you can do the first works of leading others into their true essence… Out of essence comes the manifestation of what is needed on the natural plane. Do you understand this “Serenity”?”

As she was now operating in the mind of Christ, she did understand. “I realize this,” she replied respectfully to the angel, “but I will need help in applying what I know.”

The angel who had asked the question for the purpose of getting “Serenity” to be grounded in what she knew, continued in revealing wisdom to her. “Words need to be spoken in order for things to be established:… This truth is the principle behind all that exists.”

“Serenity” soaked in every word the angel spoke with butterflies fluttering with new life coming into her mind and heart. She remained calm, yet thrilled at the same moment-….  a character quality only recently come with the removal of her old name “Tense.” Yes, graduation day had come for her and yes, her thinking cap was securely on now. 

Happy that “Serenity” was so in tune with her, the angel went on speaking: “You are a seer who must produce works according to your seeing and from this place above, your knowledge will increase daily along with wisdom. All the first works that you are called to do shall be accomplished if you are faithful, and that you shall be if you make grace your constant companion.”

The angel winked at her after she observed that all her words had been fully absorbed into “Serenity’s” heart. That wink had so much power in it, it shook “Serenity’s” body. “Ah!,” “First Works” proclaimed: “You’re getting the last impartations of light before you’ll be transfigured…. Your body is testifying to it now, letting me know that my time with you is going to be very short. After I leave you, another angel will be sent to you called “Secret,” and he will tell you the secrets of the “Ancients.” But for now my dear, you are to get busy “seeing, being and doing” the first works… The second and third will come later and after that, they’ll come in the twinkling of an eye… You do know the end of the story, don’t you?”

Indeed “Serenity” did, and so do you who have graduated and are going on into perfection. Yay, you know that when He comes, every eye shall see the Word made flesh….

in YOU!

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