Beware Of Vanity And Of Living By Chance

The eagle soared swiftly into the highest realm- the place of the doves. They were waiting for him there. These doves were no longer flying creatures for they had become transporters and translators and could instantly appear at any place and at any time as well. It was not yet so with the eagles, but soon it would be.

The doves waited a little impatiently. It was not their nature to be impatient, but they had been waiting for a very long time. It was the final countdown and they were anxious for “The Triumphant Day” to appear. An eagle whose name was “Chance” stood at attention before them. He was out of breath because it took all his strength to reach the highest place he had ever been called “The Realm of the Most High God.”

“You must do the work,” the doves instructed him, “not at your usual pace. You have never gone this way before and you must take care that hastiness does not spoil your fruit.” “Chance” wondered how he was going to accomplish this as he had never accomplished anything purposeful on earth. The doves who could read his mind spoke in one voice: “No “Chance,” we are not asking you to set a goal, but you are required to find the goal of the “Great One” by seeking. The goal is buried deep within your heart and you cannot discover it by ordinary means. We are sending you back to earth where you are to meet one that you are to help. In assisting him, you will find the key to your own destiny. You have been blind to your potential “Chance,” but your eyes shall be opened.

“Beguiled” is the one that you are called to influence. You do not have to fly to meet him, because you now have been given the power of translation to do this work, so go forward with our blessing, and if you need us, we will appear to you.”

A thundering noise came forth after their departure. It sounded like the clapping of rain clouds with lightning strikes upon trees of old. “Chance,” in the twinkling of an eye, found himself standing before a very forlorn looking creature who was greatly startled at “Chance’s” sudden appearance. “Who are you?” “Beguiled,” asked trembling.

“I am a friend,” “Chance” answered. “My name is shortly to be changed, so I prefer to be nameless right now. I have been sent to you by the orders of “The Great One” through His doves. I am here to help you find the missing key in your life.”

“Missing key?” “Beguiled” questioned him in a bewildered state. I am lost and have lost almost all my soul and some body parts as well. Look at me! How can I find a key when I don’t even know where I am?”

“I know where you are,” “Chance” assured him. That’s not your problem. Your problem is that you don’t understand how you got to be lost. It’s important that you do some backtracking with me. Tell me, when did you begin to lose your way?”

“Beguiled” thought a little. The bright light around the eagle penetrated into his mind and clearness of thought began to come. “Why, it was when I met HER!” he realized with amazement.

“Met who?” Chance” questioned.

“I don’t know her name,” “Beguiled” replied. “She never told me, but she was so beautiful, especially her fiery red hair and bewitching green eyes. “Chance” knew immediately who that one was. Hadn’t he met her too, and lost his way, long ago? If it hadn’t been for a red cardinal named “Understanding,” he’d still be lost. To be sure, he was lucky to be alive because “Vanity” had deceived him as well, and stole most of his body parts, too, like poor “Beguiled.” “Chance” shuddered in remembering that all he had left after she got through with him was his tail with one lone feather. How grateful he was that “Understanding” came and restored his body parts. Then looking at what was left of “Beguiled,” “Chance” reassured him: “Your parts will be restored, just as mine were. You’ll have every one of them back and you’ll regain your soul, too. But first tell me: What was it that that woman told you?”

“Why she told me that that if I lived with her all my life, she would give me fame, power, riches, and anything else I desired.”

“Did you believe her? “Chance” asked.

“Yes, I did! Cradling me to her breast, she uttered: “Listen to my heart. Can’t you hear its beautiful song? When she spoke, black doves arose before my very sight, singing: ‘Allelujah! Allelujah to “Self”! “Self” reigns on high!” They were the most beautiful voices I had ever heard!”

As “ Beguiled” spoke, a strange thing happened: A great light appeared. It was “Realization,” the “Interior Lamp” and his rays were so strong that they electrified “Beguiled.” Her name is “Vanity,” the daughter of “Ego” and “Pride,” “Realization” testified. “It’s a good thing you only slept with her, because if you had married her, you would have been lost with hell to pay,” the inner voice spoke.

The eagle was delighted and did his great “Light Feather Dance,” for he too, heard the inner voice. He watched as “Realization” changed “Beguile.” Why, his eyes began to look like the Father’s Eye’s and a new name “Without Guile” was written on his forehead. It was written in a language that “Chance” didn’t know, but he felt so happy just in realizing the beautiful name was his. A chorus sung by the “BlueBirds of Happiness” chimed in harmony: “Victory, victory, victory! A new day is here!” and power and authority were given to “Without Guile” because he listened to the truth and thus, became an overcomer. Now everywhere he goes, he cries out: “Don’t listen to that deceiving woman…….and he’s heard!

And as for “Chance”: He found the key just as the doves told him he would…. In caring about the one who had been beguiled and helping him to fulfill his destiny, “Chance”’s name was changed to the name hidden deep in his heart, even the one God chosen for him before he was born.

You who have been like him and have been like the one who was once beguiled: Do you remember what God said before He took the rib from Adam and made woman out of it? Hear it: There had been no “help” fit for man until then,…. and there can be no help for man today, until those who no longer live by chance bear the same beautiful, new name that was given to “Chance.” Truly, there is no higher calling or name on earth than “Man’s Helper”!

Is it YOURS?

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