Love’s Power Coming Forth

When I woke up from a sound sleep, immediately I heard the Lord say: “Mordecai is coming!” Later He spoke again along the same lines, but this time it was: “Mordecai is here!” That’s not as contradictory as it seems, as our Lord said something akin to it in John 4: 23: “The hour is coming, and is now when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth….” In God, time is past, present and future, but with us, it’s in process. However, He wants us to think like He does, and to see from His perspective.

So I asked the Lord what I was to understand concerning this word about Mordecai, and what I’ve been shown is this: We are living in a time likened to Esther’s, but now God’s people are in danger all over the world, not just in Israel, and more than ever the spirit of Mordecai is needed. He was like Moses before him and others who were among the ones who did not hold their lives dear. (Acts 20: 24) I think of the Apostle Paul, who was willing to be accursed for God’s people, and only God can do a like-work in us in this day of lawlessness and hatred that we are facing.

Mordecai’s name according to Abarim Publications is “of Murdock” which means “of bitter oppression.” Years ago when I was expecting a miracle, God gave me a dream of an eleven year old girl named “Myrrh-acle,” revealing that her name would be changed to “Miracle” when she would be twelve. We’d like to skip the suffering part that myrrh represents and number eleven’s (crisis/judgment) part that needed to bring us into perfection and rulership (#12). But we can’t escape it because our having a broken, contrite spirit and more, is essential in our coming into perfection, and that can’t happen without suffering and tribulation. No one can emit the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus in their lives unless they, like flowers, have been crushed.

The Book of Esther is a type and shadow of what is involved concerning the formation of Melchizedek Order priests and kings. Except for God,…. except for prayer and fasting, Mordecai would have been hung on the gallows and Esther and all the people of God would have been destroyed. I highly recommend reading Elaine Cook’s publication “There Ariseth Another Priest” to you who are the “Mordecai-people” of this hour: http://www.kingdomgospel.net/publications/there_ariseth_another_priest.html

In the end, this faithful man was given an exalted position as second to the King, but His motive in all he did was only to obey God. How about us? Are we tending to God’s Bride, helping to raise her up to her full potential by taking care of her needs? Are we giving her wise counsel? Is pleasing God and working for the salvation of His people our reason for living? If so, I salute all of you who are “Mordecai in the Spirit”:

Your time has come!

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