It’s In The Bag

The one called to win the prize had the star called “Victorious Life” in her hand, but it was covered by a bag that prevented light from shining through it. Try as she might, “Languishing” could not remove the bag because it was embedded in her flesh, even one with it. In desperation she cried out to God whose face appeared in a cloud with a smile brighter than the sun. “Help, help me!” she shouted to Him: “How can my star ever appear if what’s covering it can’t be removed?”

His reply came with what seemed like a chuckle as He simply said: “It’s in the bag, my dear!” Perplexed and more miserable than ever, she dared not ask what He meant, for she had come to know that mysteries were made known through seeking with all one’s heart, which she had not done yet. “Unbelief” had blocked her way and she had not resisted him, so hence, her name “Zealous for God” had been changed to “Languishing. ”However, her middle name “Overcomer” was still intact, and would soon be put in motion because it was inevitable that everyone lived out what the “Most High God” had named them.

The reason “Unbelief” had such a foothold in this seemingly defeated one was because “Law” had brought death to her spiritual life…. There was no way that faith could prevail when “Law” ruled instead of grace, and so it was that little by little, her zeal was lost. “Languishing” did not know that loving her neighbor was the fulfillment of the law and that long ago, her “Beloved” had made provision through His blood for her to manifest the glorious name of “Overcomer.”

Before she could do so though, she had to come to realize that she could not keep the law, and oh how hard she tried. Finally, she gave up, and it was in that “Oh wretched man that I am!” state of being, that a star’s light shown on her, even from her brother that had done her wrong. “Will you forgive and love me?” he asked, which is the question that is being asked of every man.

It was then that the most glorious star of all, appeared alongside them, the Lord’s star, saying: “Your brother is a part of you, and what took place between you… yes, even the wrong he committed against you, has the key of perfection in it. Remember Joseph!” And just like the twinkling of that star, she did, because this overcomer was given eyes to see and a heart to love and forgive.

So how about you? Do you love your brother? Can you see that “it’s in the bag”…. that it’s absolutely a sure thing in the day you discover that you can’t keep the law,….. that you aren’t your flesh,…. that the only thing required of you is that you love your neighbor as yourself, and that you can not do it in yourself?? Truly, on that day, the hand of the Lord shall be your hand, and the bag, even the veil, that has covered your glory, shall be removed.

Oh yes: “On THAT day, your star SHALL SHINE!”

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    • Truly only God can help us, Joseph. When I wrote this allegory it became so clear to me that if we don’t fulfill the law by loving our neighbors as ourselves, then we are under the law with consequences resulting from it. I had not seen this so plainly before. Oh how imperative it is that we love our enemies, and not impute their sins to them, not just for their sake and the Lord’s sake…. but ours!


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