She’s After Your Money

The first word that I heard immediately upon waking was “porn.” “Yikes,” huh? No, I don’t look at porn…. I have never watched it, but I spiritually have indulged in it, and most likely, so have you. As I was singing in the Spirit this morning, “Labor to see the truth” came with the word “see” that especially got my attention.

Here’s what came out of my seeking to learn what God had to reveal about pornography: The Greek word “porne” means “harlot” and the word “graphein” means “to write,” hence it is the “writing of harlots.” Interesting, huh? Without realizing it, most of us who love the Lord have been reading and eating what the biggest harlot of all, the “Harlot Church,” has been feeding us. Oh yes, she’s been indoctrinating us with her goods,….. even selling them to us at great profit to herself. What does the church do with the word: “Freely you have received, freely give”? (Matthew 10: 8) Ah, she has freely received it alright, but contrary to this scripture, she has freely SOLD it! Jesus NEVER sold anything, and neither did His disciples.

God’s Holy Bride gives of herself, laying down her life like her Lord did, and what she could have for personal gain, she gives away. The truth she provides for God’s sheep is “pure,” but what the “Harlot Church” sells is not only unclean, it pollutes, defiles and distorts the truth. This prostitute of old makes herself look beautiful decked out in gold, precious stones, and pearls having make-up, facelifts and other alterations covering up the real. She’s rich, not like the suffering, persecuted church in impoverished countries who have nothing of this world’s wealth. Am I saying that it’s not of God to be wealthy? No, I am not, but scripture is very clear about not having this world’s riches as our desired goal: It plainly tells us that they’ll take wings and fly away, but instead of living in simplicity and purity, content with food and clothing, many ministers are living in the lap of luxury having no qualms about taking money from the poor and from widows to benefit their pockets. There is no doubt that religion is a money making business in America and in other nations: “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. (Revelations 18: 3)

The carnal church systems have made merchandise of the gospel, and what about us? When God gives us an anointed word, it is not for us to peddle it in books or to charge money for speeches. “Everybody does it,” you say, but tell me: Is God’s word only for those who can afford to buy it? Oh the shame of preachers who sell their messages on CD’s and DVD’s and charge money for the books that the “anointing” inspired. God means for everyone to have the Word, not just those who have the money to buy it. The priests and kings of the Melchizedek order do not charge for what they’ve received from God, and the Lord Himself gave to the people “without money and without price.” (Isa. 55: 1) There is NO Biblical foundation for merchandising the ministries God has given to His people, so you who are doing it: Show me ONE scripture that backs up your practice.

Over the years, I have had brethren urge me to publish a book. I nearly did so, but God put a halt to it because the so-called Christian Company I signed a contract with was dealing in high level witchcraft… The artist who crafted the pictures for my children’s book was putting Satanic symbols in them, and in good conscience, I could not release a book that had them in it. I realized too late that it was my reasoning mind that led me to make an unholy union with that unscrupulous company and I lost more than two thousand dollars when I broke my contract. I am grateful now, because it wasn’t God’s will for me to use His anointing to make a profit for myself, and am thanking God that He kept me from doing it. Some of His faithful scribes have had their books published at the publisher’s cost only, and I know of two ministries that gave their books and CDs for free, so yes, there are honorable ways to get God’s word out.

I want to make it clear that I don’t believe that writing books for profit is wrong….It is selling “the anointed word” that is not right, because THAT word is not your own. It’s God’s, and it is to be given to His people freely. I’m sure many will say it’s impossible to have TV ministries, conferences and more without charging money for the costs. Really? We have a God Who opened up the Red Sea, Who fed 5,000 with only a few fish and loaves of bread, and, and, and more. The “Harlot” HAS to charge for her goods, but the Bride does not! Oh yes, God’s people are into porn in more ways than one, and there’s only one word left to say about it:


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    • Thank you and bless you for much needed encouragement Jennifer. I wondered how this post would be received and am so thankful for your love and kindness in making this comment.


    • How true it is that the love of money is behind all kinds of evil. May we have God’s grace to always use it rightly with a heart to benefit others, not just ourselves.
      Praying for blessing and the prosperity of His people…. for you today, precious sister. It’s encouraging to know you took the time to read this post and to bless me. Thank you and God bless you.

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