It’s Crystal Clear

Twice this morning I heard the words: “You are a ‘Crystal Bride.’” The Lord had to tell me a second time because I had let those words slip from my mind, and also I had begun a writing having to do with crystals that I needed to have more revelation on. In it, I wrote: “The reign of tears has come as crystals making the path for glorious feet to walk on,… even the ‘Sea of Glass.’” I didn’t know what to do with it, but since hearing that the Bride of Christ is a “Crystal Bride,” some things have become “crystal clear” to me now.

I believe that there’s a “righteous real” in everything concerning the things of God that the devil capitalizes on and perverts: Crystals are no exception. We see psychics using crystal balls to predict the future, and those who dabble in the occult using crystal stones supposedly for healing: Believers don’t look to sorcery, divination and magic, but we see crystal clear into the future when the Holy Spirit reveals things to come to us. Likewise we don’t use mineral stones for healing purposes. Our eyes are upon the “Rock,” the Lord Jesus Christ, to heal us through His light, His power, His Word and His love. Now the Lord has brought the revelation to meditate on that we are His “Crystal Bride”-…. transparent, clear thinking and glorious due to His manifesting Himself through us

The thought that tears are the transformed substance that make up the “Sea of Glass” had never come to my mind before, and neither did God’s Bride being composed of spiritual crystals, but the understanding of how it can be was just given to me: We are “living” stones, even crystal gems, that make up the city, the New Jerusalem which is described as “radiating with the glory of God, and sparkling like the sun- like jasper as clear as “crystal.” (Rev. 21: 11) A jewel in the body of Christ is formed through pressure, and then it has to be cut, polished, and fit together with other gems…. Truly, we are formed through our tears, for it is only through much suffering (pressures, trials, troubles and tribulations) that we can be transformed. In the Bible, crystal is used to describe something of great value. (Job 28: 18) Ezekiel was shown God’s throne and the glory above it as an expanse of awe-inspiring “crystal”. (Ezekiel 1: 22) Scripture often mentions crystal in connection with water which we know is symbolic of the Word of God: In Revelation 22:1 John was shown “a pure river of water, clear as “crystal,” proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.”

The “living stones,”…. the ones who fear the Lord, speak often one to another, and think upon His name, have a book of remembrance written of them…..“And they shall be mine,” saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels.” (Malachi 3: 16, 17)

Oh yes, HIS GLORY shall be revealed in His “Crystal Bride!” Hallelujah! That day is coming and is NOW!

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